Administration Fee

An administrative fee ("application fee") of EUR 25.00 is payable for each application for participation in an assessment procedure. In the case of multiple applications, the fee of 25.00 euros is due for each application. Proof of payment of the fee must be submitted with the application documents.

Please note that the application fee must be paid within the application deadline so that it is credited to the Film University's account no later than one week after the application deadline.

ATTENTION: It may take several days for the money to reach the Film University's account. We kindly ask you to refrain from inquiries!

Please upload with your application a bank statement (proof of payment in case of bank transfer from abroad) or a statement of turnover (in case of online banking) for a fee of 25.00 Euro for the processing of the application. Other proofs / receipts (e.g. transfer orders) will not be accepted! Your application documents will only be released for the application and assessment procedure with corresponding proof of full payment of the fee.


The transfer is to be made exclusively to the bank account stated below:

Recipient:                    Landeshauptkasse
IBAN:                            DE 14 3005 0000 7110 4028 51
BIC:                               WELADEDDXXX 
Kreditinstitut:             Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen


Reference: Program-specific Payment Code/applicant number*/applicant's name

*You will receive your applicant number after registering in the application portal.


Payment Code

Please use the following payment code for all study programs:1006600002626


For international transfers: Please make sure that you include all transfer fees in the transfer.

Cash payment at the Film University is not possible!

No administration fee is payable for an application to the Digital Media Culture degree program.