Administration Fee

For each application, an administration fee of EUR 25 will be charged. Fees must be paid via bank transfer. Payment in cash will not be accepted. Please note that the fee will not be reimbursed once it has been transferred.


Recipient:                    Landeshauptkasse
IBAN:                            DE 14 3005 0000 7110 4028 51
BIC:                               WELADEDDXXX 
Kreditinstitut:             Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen


Reference: Program-specific Payment Code/applicant number*/applicant's name

*applicant number = number from the online application portal


Program-specific Payment Code

Visual Effects & Virtual Productions (BA) 1006600002626
Direction of Animation (MA) 1406600000969
Creative Technologies (MA) 1506600000079
Cinematography (MA) 1406600000008
Screenwriting/Dramaturgy (MA) 1406600000016
Film Heritage (MA) 1506600000054
Film Music (MA) 1006600000489
Production (MA) 1406600000024
Media Studies (MA) 1006600000384
Editing (MA) 1206600000381
Directing (MA) 1406600000032
Sound for Picture (MA) 1206600000390
Set/Production Design (MA) 1406600000049

Applying for the Digital Media Culture program does not require the payment of an administration fee.

If you apply for several programs, a fee of EUR 25 will be charged for each application. Please not that bank transfers from abroad may incur additional charges!