Sound Design for Audiovisual Media

The goal of the M.F.A. program is to help students build their own creative personality in the field of sound. The program introduces them to new technological approaches and allows them to develop new creative concepts on a technical and artistic level.

In the four core domains of audio engineering, sound mixing, acoustics, and music, students acquire specific knowledge that enables them to independently plan and implement projects. In particular, they learn how to mix the sound for theatrical motion pictures as well as to manage projects as sound supervisors. The skills gained by graduates correspond to those of a Diplom-Tonmeister (graduate sound engineer).
Thanks to interdisciplinary collaboration in artistic projects, M.F.A. students gradually build their own 'sound languages'. Collaborations and contacts with the film industry give students the opportunity to gain experience with real-world production circumstances. This practical knowledge provides graduates with extensive career options.

Applicants should have successfully completed the Sound B.F.A. program or have comparable qualifications.

Degree: Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.)

Program Duration: 6 Semester (120 LP)

Program Entry: Winter term

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