The Sound Design for audiovisual media M.F.A. program comprises both full-time and part-time study. The standard duration of the program is six semesters, with a workload of 30 credits in each of the first two semesters (full-time) and a reduced workload of 15 credits in semesters 3 through 6 (part-time).

The program provides students with extensive practical and artistic skills as well as in-depth theoretical and technological knowledge in the field of sound design. Skills and knowledge are acquired during artistic and academic university projects.

In particular, the program requires students to approach projects in a both analytical and playful / creative manner while developing adequate practical solutions to project tasks. The program comprises the study modules "Audio Concepts" and "Electives", the in-depth modules "Film Sound Design", "Music", and "Acoustics" as well as a project module. The program ends with students' artistic graduation project, their Master's thesis, and a colloquium.

For details, please refer to the Study and Examination Regulations.

Study Modules:

  • Audio Concepts
  • Electives

Specialization Modules:

  • Film Sound Design
  • Music – In-depth Module
  • Acoustics – In-depth Module

Project Module:

  • Practical Training

Graduation Modules:

  • Artistic Graduation Project
  • Master's Thesis