Initial Consultation and Ongoing Support

The Film University's Startup Center provides people interested in starting their own business with information, advice, and support. Our target group are students, staff members, and alumni who graduated from Brandenburg-based universities no longer than 7 years ago. We offer advice on all questions and requirements related to the business startup process. In the initial consultation, we analyze your individual strengths and goals together with you. If possible, we also involve coaching and startup experts to provide prospective entrepreneurs and freelancers with optimal support.

Our goal is to promote the establishment of successful businesses, impart knowledge and skills, and help create promising business models. Key consultation topics include social security for freelancers, business establishment and development, within specific industries, and questions relating to the planning and implementation of innovative projects.

We provide our creative target group with access to expertise and capital, e.g., by helping them acquire funding and connecting them to the regional startup environment. In addition to our own support services, we also provide contacts to relevant funding sources (e.g., chambers of commerce, offices for economic development). We want to be the starting point for new entrepreneurial activities in the region. 

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Coaching with Selected Experts

The Startup Center offers everyone interested in establishing a new business venture in Brandenburg the opportunity to closely collaborate with selected experts from our pool of coaches and mentors. For economically viable startup projects, a budget for extensive mentoring is available. Key topics for coaching and mentoring include:

  • Developing visions and goals for freelance and startup businesses
  • Team building, role assignment, conflict mediation
  • Business management support
  • Business model development
  • Financing through funding, risk capital, or crowdfunding
  • Tax issues
  • Legal foundation
  • Internationalization and diversity
  • Numerous other topics that are relevant to specific business models

In a one-on-one interview, we will analyze your individual coaching needs and develop a detailed coaching schedule for your startup project. The Startup Center team, as well as our external consultants and coaches, are obligated to treat all consultation content, such as business ideas and information, confidentially. We ensure the utmost protection of privacy and the entire entrepreneurial development process for those we advise.


Gefördert aus Mitteln der Europäischen Union und des Landes Brandenburg

Gründungsservice START and the external start-up coaches it employs are funded by the European Union and the state of Brandenburg.