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OPAC (Online Catalogue)

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OPAC instructions

The Online Public Access Catalogue enables research in the holdings of the Film University. It can be accessed directly via It contains all media that the library owns (books, DVDs, BluRays, journals, journal articles, press articles, student films).


How can I search for media?

Select one of the offered options via Search. In the simple search - words in all fields - all search terms (e.g. author or title or keyword...) can be entered next to each other as search criteria. If you want more than one search term field, you can change the default setting via a pull-down menu.

Click OK to activate the search process. If your result consists of several hits, you will first receive a short title list. Click on the title you are looking for to go to the full display. A click on Details shows you the lending status as well as the location. The short title list can be sorted alphabetically by clicking on the Title link or by year by clicking on Year.

In the Advanced Search there is the possibility to combine fields, e.g. title and signature or media type. You can use the ? to abbreviate. For example, with bib? you will find titles containing the words library, libraries, bibliographic, etc. Also, with ?ology you will find entries anthropology, archaeology, psychology, etc. The ? also allows you to find different spellings, e.g. with spag?etti you will find both spagetti and spaghetti.

What are the possible call numbers or media types?

Field   Call Number

  • V     all audio-visual media
  • VD   DVDs, BluRays
  • VM   Video deposit
  • VC   CDs
  • VF   Student films
  • Z     Periodicals

All other letters stand for systematic groups of books. Always search with the following asterisk, e.g. VD*

Field Media type:

  • za    journal articles
  • zs    Periodicals
  • zf    currently subscribed magazines
  • zt    Press clippings
  • vm   Video deposit

What are the search history options?

In the search history (Previous Searches) you will find a log of your OPAC session; offered are various ways to retrieve, modify or e-mail your results.


What is the basket for?

In the basket, individual full displays selected during the search can be stored and collected (via "Into the basket"), with the aim of later data export. Unfortunately, complete short title lists cannot be stored in the basket.


How can I query my account and renew media?

  • Click "Account"
  • Either log in with your campus account or use your library ID number (Bib.-Nr.) and library password. The library password defaults to your date of birth in the German form 01.01.1900 (with dots).
  • After clicking Login you will be in your account.
  • Now click on the Loans link and you will get to a list of your borrowed media.
  • In the simplest case you click on Renew all. However, you can also select individual titles and renew only marked ones (click on the checkbox beforehand).
  • The result of the renewal request will be displayed. Do not forget to logout!

How can I reserve a borrowed item?

  • While in the item record click Request  (the item record can be reached via Details in the hit list or via Click here to check availability in the full display).
  • Now you create a reservation. Click on Order with costs to create the reservation. A reservation costs 0.70 €.
  • The reservation is confirmed. Click on Go. Do not forget to logout.