Digital Media Culture

The Film University's Digital Media Culture undergraduate program is based on the disciplines of media and communication studies. Offering education at the highest level, the program provides students with a comprehensive perspective on the world of digital media.

This includes knowledge about media culture and the social relevance of digital media, media theory and research, dramaturgy, production and implementation, markets and utilization as well as a basic understanding of the use of digital media technology.

What makes the program unique is that the film university relies heavily on the collaboration with other degree programs and, thus, combines scientific work with practical, artistic, technological, and production-related aspects as well as insights into the current development of artistic research.

Small-sized classes allow for personalized instruction. Offering interdisciplinary academic training that is geared to practical requirements, the program forms the perfect starting point for careers in the media business. 

Editorial departments of distribution platforms, TV stations, and production companies specializing in digital media, editorial work in the development of multimedia/digital platforms and digital archives, scientific work in the field of media and market research.

Moreover, the program allows students to identify and develop research interests and questions they would like to deal with more extensively in the Media Studies M.A. program.



Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Standard Period of Study: 6 Semesters

Start of Course: Winter Semester

Office of Study Course