The academic bachelor's program Digital Media Culture is modular in structure. It imparts theoretical and methodological basic knowledge as well as artistic-scientific competences in the field of digital media. The following overview shows the teaching modules within each semester.

1st & 2nd semester

  • Introductory courses
  • Fundamentals of theory and empiricism of digital media
  • Culture and history of digital media
  • Analysis of digital media

3rd & 4th semester

  • The digital media system
  • Aesthetics and dramaturgy of digital media
  • Artistic-scientific multimedia development
  • Special topics of digital media cultures
  • Media practice

In the media practice module, students can complete a company internship, participate in in-house film projects or collaborate in practical projects, such as the Kinderfilmuni teaching project or the Sehsüchte international student film festival.

The 4th semester is ideal for studying abroad at one of our partner universities.

5th & 6th semester

  • Practice of researching digital media phenomena
  • Economics of digital media
  • Professional practice

A bachelor's thesis concludes the program. It demonstrates that DMK students are able to independently work on a media studies topic within a given period of time using scientific methods. The BA degree in Digital Media Culture consists of

  • the course-related examinations,
  • the bachelor thesis,
  • an accompanying colloquium,
  • the oral bachelor examination.

A detailed description of each module as well as the course scheme can be found under study documents (section “Studierende ab Immatrikulationsjahr 2019 und Studierende, die diese SPO gewählt haben”).