Foreign Certificates

Specific regulations apply to the application process for applicants who hold a foreign university entrance qualification or have completed their first degree program qualifying for a profession abroad. In addition to the standard application documents, these applicants may have to provide additional proof regarding their graduation certificates and German language proficiency.

Evaluation of Certificates

In certain degree programs, applicants holding a foreign university entrance qualification must have their certificates reviewed and evaluated by uni-assist before applying. This also applies to applicants with German citizenship who have obtained their qualification abroad. Please inform yourself about the Evaluation of Certificates trought uni-assist.

Attention! Separate regulations apply to applicants from the People's Republic of China and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.Please click herefor the relevant information.

Peer2peer consulting for international applicants

Peer2Peer Consulting for International Applicants

The Film University offers peer-to-peer consulting for international applicants. Please contact us by Email in order to schedule a call. 

Our student assistants are looking forward to meeting you!