The Film University is part of strong regional, national, and international networks.

Based in the Media City of Babelsberg and located close to the metropolis of Berlin, the university is part of a unique hub of the creative industry. There is no other place in Germany where the past, present, and future of filmmaking coexist in such proximity to each other. Here, high-level artistic, technological, teaching, and research expertise is complemented by established networks and efficient funding structures. Due to the universal language of film, taking an international perspective is part of our DNA.

Our students benefit from close contacts to national and international (film) universities. Our strategic partnerships allow us to offer study abroad and exchange programs. Films and audiovisual projects are created in collaboration with a number of partners from the film, television, media, creative, and IT industries. Among others, the Film University is a founding member of Virtual Reality Berlin-Brandenburg e. V. and part of MediaTech Hub Potsdam.

The presence of our student productions at festivals across the world and the collaboration with screening venues and digital distribution partners ensure visibility and provide chances and opportunities for successful networking.

Research projects are implemented together with other universities, non-university institutions, and partners from the national and international media and creative industries.

Through teaching and research with a practical orientation, we help our graduates start successful careers as highly skilled freelancers, specialist or executive employees, or start-up entrepreneurs. Well-qualified service departments develop measures promoting active knowledge transfer and support graduates in planning and implementing their business concepts.

We regularly and extensively exchange information with our alumni and, with the support of the Society of Friends of Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, involve them in all activities of the university.