Application Deadlines

Summer Semester 2021:

11.12.2020 - 15.01.2021 Master scholars courses

Winter Semester 2021/2022

01.12. 2020 to 08.01.2021 Acting (BA)
04.01. to 31.01.2021 Animation (BA)
Cinematography (BA)
Screenwriting/Dramaturgy (BA and MA)
Production (BA)
Editing (BA)
Directing (BA)
Sound (BA)
Set Design (BA)
04.01. to 31.03.2021 Film Music (MA)
04.01. to 31.05.2021 Creative Technologies (MA)
08.03. to 16.05.2021 Directing for Animation (MA)
Cinematography (MA)
Editing (MA)
Production (MA)
Media Studies (MA)
Directing (MA)
Sound for Picture (MA)
Set/Production Design (MA)
11.05. to 15.06.2021 Master scholars courses
15.06. to 15.07.2021 Digital Media Culture (BA)
Film Heritage (MA)

Please note that all application deadlines are receipt deadlines, not postmark deadlines.