Useful terms of library use

Theses online

The electronic theses stored on the document server of the Film University and accessible via catalogueserve exclusively for scientific and personal information. Commercial use is excluded. The authors are responsible for the content of the documents. The publicly accessible documents (including related data) are protected by copyright according to the Copyright Act. The user is responsible for compliance with the regulations. In particular, the following applies: Reproductions of any kind may only be made for private and other personal use. The production and distribution of further reproductions is only permitted with the express permission of the copyright holder.
The Filmuniversität assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of the published content. It assumes no liability for damages resulting from the use of the retrieved information.

Online dissertations

Dissertations prepared at the Filmuniversität can also be published in digital form. The delivery of the electronic version of a dissertation, the file format and data carrier of which must be coordinated with the university library, and only five printed copies fulfill the obligation to publish and distribute the dissertation.

For information on the submission procedure, please refer to the digital dissertation information sheet.

Please also note the forms to be submitted:

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Registration is required to borrow media. For this purpose, an application form must be filled out. Registration is carried out at the circulation desk on presentation of a valid identity card, passport or student card. Proof of residence in the Berlin-Brandenburg region is required. The following groups are exempt from paying the user fee: Film University members, other students, employees of academic institutions, pupils, trainees, welfare recipients, unemployed. The minimum age is 18 years.
Please inform the library immediately of any change of address or email address. The registration is initially valid for 1 year and can be extended if necessary

Acquisition proposals

Suggestions for acquisitions can be voiced in the respective departments. Please note our hints for this. Use this form for books, for DVDs and Blu-Rays there is this acquisition form.


Subject specific information Desk

The subject specific information desk is located in the gallery (Room 1128).



Books can generally be borrowed unless they are explicitly excluded (see library catalogue). AV media (videos, DVDs, CDs etc.) are only lent to Film University members. TV Video recordings are only lent to teaching staff of the Film University. Please check for completeness and damage yourself upon receipt.

Library Account

You can view your loan account in the library catalogue ("Account").


Library regulations

Library Regulations of the University Library/Media Library of the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF (dated 09.01.1995 in the version of the 3rd Amendment Statutes dated 14.10.2009 (contains User Regulations)
[Note: Until 2014, the Film University bore the name Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen "Konrad Wolf" HFF].

The Senate of the Film and Television University "Konrad Wolf" Potsdam-Babelsberg has enacted the following amending statutes on the basis of § 68 of the Brandenburg Higher Education Act (BbgHG) of 18.12.2008 (GVBl. I, p. 318):

§ 1 Tasks and Structure

(1) As a central academic institution, the university library/media library is responsible for collecting, indexing and making available for use literature and other information resources for teaching, study and research.
(2) In addition, the university library/media library shall be responsible for the regional and supra-regional supply of academic literature. In doing so, it supports the university's tasks vis-à-vis the public and cooperation partners within the scope of its possibilities.
 (3) The University Library System is divided into the University Library/Media Library, the Study Video Library, the Newspaper Clipping Archive and the Film Archive (AV Media Archive).

§ 2 Management of the library

(1) The management of the University Library/Media Library shall be responsible to the President and the Senate for the performance of its duties. It shall advise the university management and the Senate on all library matters and shall be heard in relevant deliberations.
(2) The management of the university library/media library shall be responsible for the proper use of all material resources allocated to it.
(3) The management of the university library/media library shall ensure compliance with the library/media library's user regulations.
(4) The university library/media library shall be managed in accordance with library principles and shall operate in accordance with economic and user-friendly procedures.

§ 3 Library Commission

(1) The Senate shall form a Library Commission which shall advise on fundamental issues, in particular the budget, the Library Regulations and basic acquisition issues, and prepare decisions.
(2) The Head of the University Library/Media Library shall be a member of the Library Commission in an advisory capacity and shall have the right to submit a librarian's opinion on all resolutions of the Library Commission.
(3) The members of the Library Commission shall be:
four representatives of the group of university teachers;
two representatives of the group of academic staff;
two students and
one other member of staff.

§ 4 Cooperation between the university library/media library and university members

(1) All members of the university shall have the right to make suggestions for the development of the library collection within the limits of the funds available. Members of the teaching staff are encouraged to contribute to the development of the collection.
(2) Funds promised for media acquisitions in appointment agreements shall be managed by the university library/media library in accordance with the budget. The university library/media library shall acquire the media proposed by the appointees and include them in the collection.

§ 5 Use

(1) The Senate shall issue rules of use.
(2) In addition to the general terms of use (e.g. loan periods), these regulations shall in particular govern special cases of use.

§ 6 Entry into force

These regulations shall enter into force on the day following their publication in the Official Gazette.

Annex to the Library Regulations: Library Regulations

1 Authorisation to use/ Registration

All HFF members and the academic public are entitled to use the library.
All HFF students are instructed in the use of the library at the beginning of their studies and receive regular training.
The authorised users accept the library regulations with their signature. A notice of discharge from the university library/media library is required for exmatriculation.

2. lending and lending restrictions

The normal loan period for media can be shortened, and an extended loan period can be granted upon request to the lecturers.
The normal loan period is 4 weeks for books and 1 week for AV media. For teachers, the loan period for AV media is 2 weeks.
Borrowed media can be pre-ordered. The university library/media library may require the presentation of a medium before granting an extension.
Available exclusively for use in the library rooms are:
Reading room holdings, reference books, periodicals, press documentation and stacks.
Authorised users can request the stacks with the help of the catalogue.
Media lending is limited to 20 AV media units and 30 books, unless a teacher's certificate is presented for an examination.
The decision on the restriction of the use of all media is made by the management of the University Library/Media Library.
The library accepts no liability for any damage caused by the HFF media.

3. AV media

AV media can only be borrowed by members of the HFF. AV media are only made available to external authorised users with a proven academic research purpose on site.
Videos and CDs may not be played in public. Television recordings are intended exclusively for internal use by HFF teachers.

4. reminder fees

The overdue fines are regulated in the fee statutes of the University Library/Media Library.

5. liability for damages

In order to safeguard the holdings, the University Library/Media Library is entitled to check persons entering and leaving the University Library/Media Library for media they have brought with them.
When using the reading rooms, coats and bags must be locked in the cloakroom lockers. The respective person is liable for the cloakroom key.
The person concerned is liable for damage to or loss of media. The form of liability to pay compensation is at the discretion of the management of the University Library/Media Library.

6. exclusion of use

The management of the University Library/Media Library is entitled to exclude persons from using the library who violate the Library Regulations. The President and the person concerned shall be informed of this.


see Theses online


Subject specific information

In the subject specific information section you will find links, full texts, electronic journals and database especially on film and media studies.


Interlibrary Loan

The University Library of the Film University participates in the interlibrary loan system, i.e. university members can order books and journal articles via interlibrary loan. Conversely, external interested parties can order books and journal articles from the Film University via their local library. This does not apply to AV media. Contact person is Mrs. K. Otto.



If the loan period is exceeded, reminder fees are generally due. A prior notification on the part of the library is not required for this. In particular, the sending of reminders and reminder e-mails is only an optional service. It does not release you from the obligation to monitor the loan period of the borrowed media. If you do not receive a reminder e-mail, this does not entitle you to a waiver of any overdue fines. According to the fee statutes, the reminder fees are per medium in the case of an overdraft:

  • up to 7 calendar days  0,50 €
  • up to 14 calendar days  2,00 €
  • per additional 7 calendar days  2,50 €

Fees are usually paid in cash at the circulation desk. However, for larger amounts (min. 5 EUR) it can also be done by bank transfer. Please note that the processing may take a few days.

Account holder: Landeshauptkasse Potsdam
IBAN: DE 1430 0500 0071 1040 2851
Helaba Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen
Reason for payment: 1306600000480, Your Name (i.e. Mustermann, Erika)

Mobile Phone Charging Station

A charging station with 3 lockable compartments is available on the circulation desk. For a deposit you get a key and can then charge your IPhone or smartphone with Micro-USB or -USB-C connection free of charge. The use is at your own risk.


In the reading room pavilion there are (only for Film University members) 6 PCs for internet use and word processing, also a printer and an A4 scanner. Wifi can be used within the framework of Eduroam(you can use the page Easyroam to set it up) or via the access point WLAN-GUEST.



All media can be searched via computer. At the research terminals you will find all the information you need to place an order. Furthermore, you can view your loan account and make hold requests. If you have any questions regarding computer operation, please contact the staff in the circulation area.


There are 2 copiers for A4 and A3 copies in the lending and reading area. An A4 copy costs 0,05 € bw/0,20 € color, an A3 copy 0,10 € bw/0,40 € color. The copiers in the reading area can be activated on request at the circulation desk against deposit. The deposit will be returned after payment. Please never leave the copier that has been activated for you unattended, as you may then also be liable for any use by others in the meantime.


Short loan

In justified individual cases, borrowing of blocked media is possible until the next day or over the weekend. Permission must be obtained from the subject librarian.

Loan period

The loan period is usually 4 weeks, for AV media (videos, DVDs, CDs, etc.) 7 days. However, we react flexibly to special situations, such as the Corona crisis now, and have currently set the loan period at 4 weeks for AV media as well. If you have difficulties meeting a return deadline, please contact us in good time. We will try to find a common solution.

Reference management software

Zotero is a free and open-source reference management software to manage bibliographic data and related research materials (such as PDF files). Notable features include web browser integration, online syncing, generation of in-text citations, footnotes, and bibliographies, as well as integration with the word processors Microsoft Word, LibreOffice Writer, and Google Docs.


To use Zotero with the Film University OPAC, you need to install the  Zotero Connector and copy the customised files Library Catalog (Aleph).js und MAB2.js into the directory c:\Users\<Your Login Name>\Zotero\translators (the Library_Catalog__Aleph_.js file must still be renamed to Library Catalog (Aleph).js!).

Media return box

The media return box is used to return borrowed media outside opening hours. It is located opposite the porter's lodge at the main entrance. Please note:

  • Only return items during closing hour

  • Only deposit items belonging to the University Library

  • Insert unpacked media spine first and one at a time

  • Make sure that each item is complete

  • Large-format media do not fit in the deposit box. Please hand in to the reception vis-à-vis

  • The contents of the return box will be returned in the morning before opening. This date is considered the return date, not the time of insertion

  • When the box is full, no more media may be deposited. Please hand them in to the reception vis-à-vis

  • Please return books that you have received via interlibrary loan from other libraries to the interlibrary loan department

Microfilm scanner

A Zeutschel Delta HD scanner is available in the reading room for viewing microfilms. Excerpts can be saved on a USB stick free of charge. Here are instructions on how to do this.

List of new acquisitions

The library publishes a monthly list to inform you about the newly acquired media. The list of new acquisitions as a PDF file will be sent to you automatically at the beginning of the month if you subscribe to our mailing list. To do so, send an e-mail to the list server of the DFN-Verein with the mail text (the subject does not matter): subscribe filmuni-bibliothek-newsletter. You will then receive an e-mail in which you must click on a confirmation link. After that, your inclusion in the mailing list will be confirmed. If you wish to unsubscribe at a later date, please send an email with the following text (the subject is irrelevant): unsubscribe filmuni-bibliothek-newsletter.

Online Catalogue

see Catalogue


Newspaper clippings department

The department is located in the gallery (rooms 1026 and 1027). You will find an extensive collection of newspaper clippings from the German-language daily press (approx. 4 million articles) on film, television and new media, e.g. film and television reviews, biographical dossiers and film- and media-related factual articles.

Subject specific information

It is located in the gallery.



Two Zeutschel ZETA book scanners are available. Compared to a classic copier, the devices have many advantages: not only are the library's media less burdened during scanning, but the environment also benefits due to the elimination of paper and toner consumption. The use of the device is free of charge. A USB stick is required to save the scans. The Scantent is brand new. It helps you to scan comfortably with your own smartphone. More information is available here.

Course reserve collection

Die Course Reserve Collection Database shows, sorted by lecturer, the materials (books, DVDs, online documents) available for their courses.



filmfriend presents film titles ranging from German classics and sophisticated documentaries to international arthouse cinema and children's series. Use is free of charge for members of the Film University.

This is how you proceed:
You go to
You click on a film that interests you. You click on "Start movie".
Select "Sign in via Shibboleth."  The campus login of the film university comes up (it corresponds to the Filmuni mailserver login).
Click on Anmelden and you can start the film.
Please note the Frequently Asked Questions at
It is especially important that your browser is supported and up-to-date.


AVA offers you access to European and international arthouse cinema of all genres. If you are prompted to register, select "Deutschland - Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF" as your organization and log in with your campus account.


  1. List of all key words (systematically)
  2. List of Call number groups:
AFilm studies / Feature films
CFilm, television and media history
ECommunication studies, research
FAnimated film
GProduction, distribution, cinematography, law
HTelevision studies
ISocial sciences
JUniversity and college publications on film, television and media studies
LArt history and studies
MTheatre studies
NLiterature and linguistics
QFilm, Television and Video technics
SBiographical reference works
TYearbooks, catalogues, festivals, address books, institutions etc.
UEncyclopaedias, lexicons, specialised dictionaries
VCommercial video cassettes (VHS)
WUniversal encyclopaedias, language dictionaries, atlases
VCAudio CDs
VKAudio cassettes
VFBWidescreen films 35mm*
VFDFilms in DVD format*
VFMFilms in Beta format / broadcast tape*
VFSFilms in 16mm format*
VFTAudio tapes*
VFVFilms in VHS format*
VFX Films in beta format / cinema mix*
VMTV Video recordings (VHS)**
VRCD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, Diskettes
YTexts on films
 * only in the film archive
 ** only for the film university's own use

Computer accessories loan

The University Library offers frequently needed computer accessories (adapters, notebook power supplies, computer cables) for short loan (1 day).  Here is the current stock list. A Muntz museum vacuum cleaner kit and a folding hand truck are also available to borrow. You can get everything at the lending desk


Copyright law

Please observe the German copyright law. We have compiled an information page specifically on copyright in teaching.


Media can be renewed as long as they have not been reserved by hold request. All media must be presented after the 2nd renewal. A reserved item cannot be renewed. The renewal can be made in the user account via the library catalogue under "Account" or in person, by telephone, by fax, by e-mail.


Virtual Reality PC

A gamer PC with Oculus Rift glasses and touch controllers is available for excursions into virtual reality.

Video screening

VHS tapes, DVDs and blurays can be viewed by anyone on site at several video viewing stations. The 46" screens also allow viewing of 3D films with shutter glasses. It is also possible to use SmartTV functions (media libraries, YouTube). A reservation is recommended.

Hold request

Media on loan can be reserved with the help of the library catalogue or at the circulation desk. Once the item has arrived, a notification will be sent to you (by e-mail). A fee of 0,70 € is due. Pre-ordered media are available for collection for 1 week.

VPN Access

If you want to use databases at home that are only licensed for use within the Filmuni network, you need a Pulse(now Ivanti) VPN client. You should download it from this page. To the Windows instructions (PDF) and Apple instructions (PDF).  Users can also install the Pulse Secure app from the Microsoft respectively Apple App Store(IPad, IPhone). For Windows this is how to do it (PDF). Linux users can find instructions and download options here. The access address and login data must be entered in the same way as for the Windows/Apple installation.




The university library offers 86 current German and foreign journals. Journals are not borrowed.

More information about periodicals