Notes on purchase requests

The library has so-called acquisition funds, which the state provides to the library from tax money, so that the library can implement its mission of providing literature according to the University Act.

From these, it acquires media for research and teaching. Partly on the basis of requests, partly from its own selection. These media are incorporated into the library's catalog and are then available for loan to all library users.

If you would like books specifically for your seminar, we can also acquire them if they are not already in the library. After that we can create a semester apparatus (is on the upper level). All the books you want will be placed on a shelf (is on the upper level) and get a special label (SE 1, SE 2, SE 3 and so on). Your students will then find the literature there in one place and can read it on the spot and copy or scan parts of it according to copyright law. However, these media are not to be borrowed (exception: they might allow it over the weekend).

If you want to place media in your office, this is only possible with third-party funds or appeal funds. However, we would prefer the media to be on our shelves and available to all.  If you would still like us to create a handout for you, then you must keep in mind that the media still remains the property of the Film University, as it was paid for with taxpayer funds. For you, this means that you must return these media to the library at the end of your employment or arrange for a replacement should a book no longer be available.  In our catalog, these media would also be listed and as a location would be your office as well as contact, so that people who are urgently looking for the book or film can contact you directly. The important thing here is that they do not lend the book, as it is not officially booked to them.

Alternatively, we would like to offer you an extended loan period. Then you can work with the media longer and when you don't need them anymore, they will be returned to our shelves as normal.


Kirsten Otto (print) and Katja Krause (eBook) are responsible for ordering books.

For DVDs and Blurays it is Ulrike Rollnik.

For requests we have two forms: Acquisition request film and acquisition request book. Everybody, whether student, staff member or teacher, is welcome to use these forms.

If you have a longer list, like now, you can also send it to us. We prefer the form because it is easier to process. Always write in whether it should be a print book or eBook, or a DVD or Bluray. The ISBN is also important for books.

It is very important, if you search in our catalog before at Many films and books are already available or are being acquired.