Visual Effects & Virtual Productions

Visual Effects & Virtual Productions

Film is visual art. Images tell stories. Films open up pictorial spaces, space in film is an irreplaceable component of the mise-en-scène. Environments and places can characterise, threaten, contrast figures. In this context, they often also open up a more universal social level.

The study programme in the Bachelor's degree programme Visual Effects & Virtual Productions provides students with artistic, creative, methodological and technological competences in theory and practice, which enable them to take up an independent artistic position in the field of computer-generated image creation for visual effects and virtual productions. This is based on an in-depth understanding of the underlying technologies and is trained in artistic project work as well as various courses from the fields of image and film design theory. The aim is to enable students to act, coordinate and communicate artistically on their own responsibility. The students are enabled to independently deal with new media-technological developments in the field of computer-generated image production and to develop them for their own artistic work. The students are thus optimally prepared for future changes in a long professional life. 

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree qualifies students for a Master's programme as well as for professional activities in the artistic design of visual effects, consulting and management of VFX productions, consulting in computer-generated image creation of virtual productions, technical direction and, depending on individual aptitude, research & development. The focus of the competence profile to be developed by the students is furthermore the ability:

  • to apply scientific and/or artistic methods and knowledge in their profession,
  • cooperative action and constructive conflict behaviour,
  • intercultural and international communication and cooperation, and
  • to think critically and act responsibly on the basis of liberal, democratic and social values.

Close interdisciplinary cooperation with the other degree programmes at the Film University is a central part of the degree programme. In addition, close cooperation with the VFX industry is sought. 


Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)

Standard Period of Study: 8 Semesters

Start of Course: Winter Semester

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