When can I apply?

You can take advantage of the start-up service's consultations and seminars as soon as you have the idea of becoming self-employed. The concept and the idea do not have to be worked out at that time. There is plenty of opportunity for this during the start-up consultation.

The earlier you get in touch, the more opportunities there are. This is because some support opportunities, such as the start-up grant or various coaching programs, can only be arranged for you in the early stages. It is therefore worthwhile to discuss your initial ideas as well.

In general, you can use the services provided by the Startup Center at least until 7 years after graduating from Film University.

Do I have to have an innovative idea?

We want to help you stand out from the crowd of providers. There is still a lot of untapped potential for unique business models in the creative industries. But the most important thing is that you find an offer that suits you.

You don't have to have a brilliant idea (yet). Even if you are looking for something, we can help you.

What is coaching?

For all those whose need for support goes beyond orientation advice, coaching provided by the Startup Center is an option. By this we mean intensive, individual and process-accompanying support, which serves the development of the project. Professional coaches are commissioned for this purpose with the resources of the Startup Center. You will not incur any costs for coaching and start-up consulting.

How do I find the right coach for me?

The start-up service provides a pool of coaches and consultants who are particularly focused on start-ups in the creative industries. They have outstanding industry experience and consulting expertise.

Because it is important that the chemistry is right, the Gründungsservice makes recommendations. In an initial meeting, you can find out whether the coach is right for you.

Why do I need the start-up service? I can start up on my own.

Wonderful! But if you like, we can check again whether you have thought of everything. Maybe you could start faster with funding, need a few more contacts or can position yourself better against competitors with a few tricks. A consultation costs nothing...

When am I self-employed? When did I set up my business?

Self-employed are persons who work themselves or with their company on account or on the basis of a contract for work and services. These are freelancers or tradesmen. The foundation takes place with the issuance of a tax number for freelancers or the registration at the trade office for tradesmen. Many students at the Film University have therefore already founded a company. However, there are numerous topics in which the Startup Center can help you: e.g. with the start of new ventures, with the formation of teams, with the acquisition of funding and much more.

I already have a self-employment. Why do I need a start-up support?

Wonderful, then tell us about your self-employment! When did you start and what do you offer? Contacts like yours help us connect talent and build an exciting startup ecosystem. Plus, you're sure to find inspiration for your current or even future ventures at our events. The most exciting startups happen on second and third attempts. Everyone can start up more than once, e.g. when freelancers join forces and work together on the market. Even then we are available for you and your questions. After the foundation is before the foundation! We are still there for you!

Where should I go? Where can I register?

The best way to get an overview is to make an orientation appointment with the Startup Center. It is best to make an appointment by phone (0331-6202-256) or by e-mail. Like some other service and transfer offers, you will find the Startup Center in House 6 of the Film University.