We are pleased that you are interested in studying at our university. Here you will find information about the application process as well as about the documents and work samples you must submit.

Admission can only be granted to those who meet the admission criteria and have successfully demonstrated their artistic eligibility for the respective program. The procedure for determining artistic eligibility is divided into preselection and eligibility assessment and is carried out in accordance with the currently valid regulations and statutes of the Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF.

The link to the university application portal can be found in the application process under Section 1 - Application Instructions.

Application Deadline

Applications are accepted only once a year for the winter semester. The application period is March 6,  2024 through May 14, 2024. Please note that this is a receipt deadline, not a postmark deadline.

Attention: Please note that changes regarding the application deadline and the procedure for determining program-specific eligibility are possible. We therefore recommend that you check this website regularly for information.

Application Process

1. Notes on the Application Process

All applicants must apply online. Please use the Film University's application portalfor this purpose.

If you hold a foreign certificate and have already registered and applied using uni-assist, you must additionally apply on the Film University's application portal regardless of this.

ATTENTION! Shortly before the application deadline, server problems and delays in the online application process may occur due to many (last minute) applications. So do not wait until the last day of the deadline! Applications and late submissions after the application deadline will not be accepted!

ATTENTION! You should have prepared all the required files before registering in the university application portal.

Please note:

  • Applications in paper form will NOT be considered.
  • Registration/application in the university application portal is exclusively possible during the application period. Please note that the application deadline is a cut-off deadline.
  • An administrative fee is charged for the application. Applications for which the administrative fee has not been remitted will not be considered for the assessment procedure.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered for the assessment procedure.
  • You can track the processing status of your application in the university application portal. Please refrain from making inquiries by telephone.

1.1. General documents

  • Curriculum vitae in table form (PDF) including information on the applicant's musical development (the ability to play a keyboard instrument is a prerequisite)

1.2. Proof of Master Program Entrance Qualification

If you have acquired your master program entrance qualification in Germany, please inform yourself about the required proof in the paragraph 'German Certificate’. If you have acquired your qualification outside Germany, please inform yourself about the required documents you must submit under ‘Foreign Certificate’. For the M.A. Tonmeister*in für audiovisuelle Medien the regulations of Section 9 para. 5-6 BbgHG (Brandenburg Higher Education Act) apply.

German Certificate:

Please submit proof (PDF) of a completed Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree in Sound, Tonmeister*in or a comparable subject-specific degree.

Please note: In the event that the Bachelor degree is not yet available due to missing individual examination achievements, please submit certification (PDF) from the examination office of your current university. The certification must show that, based on your examination results to date, you can be expected to complete your Bachelor degree in good time before starting your Master program.

Foreign Certificate:

If you have gained your Master program entrance qualification abroad, you must have your certificates reviewed and evaluated by uni-assist e.V. before applying. The processing time can be up to 6 weeks. Please take this into account in your scheduling. The examination is subject to a fee and must be completed before the end of the application deadline. Please upload the pre-verification document (Vorprüfungsdokument, VPD), which you will receive from uni-assist e. V., together with the other application files in the university application portal.

In the event that you are unable to submit your Master's entrance qualification (Bachelor's, Diplom, ....), which you will acquire abroad, by the end of the application deadline due to missing individual examinations, please submit a current transcript of records from your current university to uni-assist e.V.. Then uni-assist will check in advance whether your university and your planned degree are recognized. At uni-assist, you will then be listed as a so-called "case of doubt (ZF)" until you submit your successful degree to uni-assist. After another check, you may receive a "preliminary examination document (VPD)", which you must then submit to us!

Please note:

  • This requirement also applies if you are a German citizen.
  • Special regulations apply to applicants from the Republic of India, the People's Republic of China and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, please inform yourself.

1.3. Proof of German Language

If you obtained your university entrance qualification at a non-German-speaking institution and do not hold German citizenship, you must provide evidence of sufficient German language proficiency at least at the DSH-1 level or an equivalent language certificate according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Please upload this with the other application files in the university application portal.

The recognized language examinations for the Master program  Tonmeister*in für audiovisuelle Medien are detailed here.

Please note:

If you do not have a language certificate for the level required by the degree program by the application deadline, please  inform yourself here.

1.4. Work Samples

Work samples showing the applicant's suitability for the program, including each of the following:

  • A documentation of works and projects from the last three years revealing the applicant's individual artistic position (12 pages maximum)
  • Video material with a total length of 15 minutes (in case of longer projects, please submit excerpts) containing work samples. Applicants are expected to submit at least three films in which they were responsible for the sound (MPG, MPEG, MP4, MOV, WMV, max. 3,5 GB). Besides, applicants must submit at least one piece of music they recorded or mixed themselves (WAV, MP3, MP4, max. 5 GB).

The restrictions specified by the university application portal apply. Video files must be playable in current browsers without additional software/codecs.

1.5. Medical Certificate

  • medical certificate (issued no longer than one year ago) confirming that you have normal hearing capacity 
  • an audiogram (issued no longer than one year ago)

2. Pre-Selection

Based on the materials submitted, the admissions committee will decide which applicants will receive permission to take the admission test and inform them in writing.


3. Admission Test

Part1: Music Test 

  • Hearing Test: Identification of intervals, rhythms, and chords
  • Analysis of the harmonies of a tonal score (small instrumental or classic orchestra ensemble)
  • Piano audition: One piece from the period from Baroque to Romantic as well as one piece from the 20th century (Modernism, Jazz, Pop, or own composition)
  • Evaluation of an audio example in terms of it tonal language and instrumentation

Part 2: Interview 

  • Presentation of the films / film clips and the piece / pieces of music submitted, interview on the works submitted and the applicant's specific interests and motivations

  • Testing the applicant's knowledge in the fields of acoustics, audio recording technology, and audio production for picture

  • Assessment of the applicant's methodical / technological knowledge regarding the practice of sound design

Part 3: Artistic/Practical Examination

  • Creation of a score for a short film clip (with a length of no more than 1 minute) using a DAW system (Pro Tools)
  • Presentation of the result and analysis of its tonal dramaturgy

The admission committee can decide to conduct part 2 (interview) via online video conference tools

The pre-condition for participating in Test 2 and 3 is passing the previous test.


The admission test results will be communicated in writing to the applicant no later than 4 weeks after the last test.

ATTENTION! Shortly before the application deadline, server problems and delays in the online application process may occur due to many (last minute) applications. So do not wait until the last day of the deadline! Applications and late submissions after the application deadline will not be accepted!

Program Office

Do you have questions about the application?

For questions related to the program, please contact the program office to book an academic advising appointment.