The Media Studies M.A. program follows a modular approach and allows students to enhance their analytic, esthetic, historical, and theoretical knowledge about audio-visual media communication and global media developments. Moreover, artistic / scientific modules as well as research modules give them the opportunity to develop conceptual / planning skills and to put their theoretical knowledge into practice in empirical research projects.

The program has a clear thematic profile and focuses on the following subjects: history of film and television; popular entertainment; children, youth, and the media; esthetics and artistic practice. It comprises the following modules:

  • Media Analysis
  • Media Theory
  • Audience and Market Research
  • Esthetics and Dramaturgy
  • Media Design and Planning
  • Global Communication
  • Media History
  • Children's Culture
  • Program Scheduling and Format Development
  • Development and Implementation of Multimedia Contents
  • Project Management

The Master's examination comprises examinations at the end of the respective modules, the Master's Thesis and its defense. With their thesis, students show that they are able to independently evaluate a media studies issue within a given period of time and according to academic methods.