The B.F.A. program provides students with technical and creative skills. The focus of their artistic training is on the collaboration with students from other programs during interdisciplinary exercises.

The program ends with the Bachelor's examination, which includes examinations at the end of the respective modules, an artistic and a theoretical Bachelor's Thesis as well as their defense.

The program comprises the following modules: Introductory Courses, Interdisciplinary Basics, Introduction to Audio Technology, Sound Design, Practice of Film Sound, Music Basics, Interdisciplinary Non-fictional Project, Instrumentation, Conceptual Design of Film Sound, Acoustics, Interdisciplinary Elective Artistic Project, Music History, Music Recording, Interdisciplinary Fictional Project, Electives, Interdisciplinary Animated Film Project, Artistic Graduation Project, Bachelor's Thesis.

For details, please refer to the Study and Examination Regulations in German: