Displaced - Director: Sharon Ryba-Kahn

Director: Sharon Ryba-Kahn - 2020 - Tondowski Films, ZDF, MBB - 90 Min.

After years of radio silence, Sharon Ryba-Kahn re-established contact with her father. She talks to him about his absence and his family. From the perspective of someone who belongs to the third generation after the Shoah, the young woman examines herself and her German surroundings. (c) DOK.fest München

“I wanted to reflect on my relationship to Germany und the family story of my father enabled me a framework to do so. The film was my chance to look deeper. I always knew that there was an enormous gap between the Yiddish and Non-Yiddish discourse.” - Sharon Ryba-Kahn


  • First Steps Award
  • DOK.fest München
  • Kasseler Dokumentar und Video Fest
  • Encounters Film Festival
  • Filmz
  • Exground Film Fest