Mocka Monitor

"International, intelligent entertainment produced from Germany" - with this goal, Filmuni alumnus Jan Mocka (film and television production 2016) and his partner Ingo Monitor (graduate of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne) founded the young production company "Mocka Monitor" in 2015.

Project start:

The heart of the work so far is the development of an English-language series, "The 5th Age", which deals with the question of what is left for us and above all for the rising generation if our modern way of life should fail.
The team was supported in 2018 with the Startbüro Babelsberg grant to create the English language short film BEYOND THE TIDE as a reference. This has been successful, as the team premiere in summer 2018 proved. The 30-minute film follows a traumatic father who wonders if the illusion of being together is worth risking his own life.
In the coming years, Mocka Monitor would like to continue working on international projects - including the marketing and implementation of the series format as part of an international co-production and the realization of other projects geared towards the international market. In addition, they want to advance the research and initial development of an explosive material based on real events about an unleashed part of the economic consultant elite in Germany and the USA, driven by burnout, existential fears, excesses, discrimination, ambition and power as a feature film debut.