Seeing Double

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“Seeing Double” is the name of the research project of Ruben Dauenhauer and the video artist Erich Burciaga. Belonging to the field of scenography the team wants to explore the connection between film and questions of sustainability in a multimedia form. The task is to connect the theoretical knowledge and the complex interrelationships of the topic with general principles of human behaviour. Therefore, the research project presents its results not in a theoretical way, but as a performative space of experience. Exclusively using scenographic means, the aspects of sustainability are visualized in a film. Thereby the aesthetic possibilities of scenography on the subject are examined and at the same time documented and experienced. Regarding upcycling and sustainability, the project uses only recycled materials e.g. an old bicycle trainer, pulleys, old film material, etc. The artists build a light box, a poetic, mobile photo mosaic machine for 16mm film reels, that on the one hand reflects the mechanics and systemic structure of the topic and on the other hand illustrates through interactive elements that everyone is involved in the process, also all kinds of protagonists in the film industry.

Project lead: Ruben Dauenhauer, Erich Burciaga