Prof. Alexander Pohl

Professor of VFX / Virtual Environments

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In 2001, Alexander Pohl moved from Munich to Berlin to study Animation at HFF Konrad Wolf in Potsdam-Babelsberg. With his 3D animated film "Trickster" that was completed in 2007, he achieved his goal of combining analog painting and drawing techniques with the benefits of digital moving images.

In 2009, Pohl teamed up with another HFF alumni and established the Talking Animals artists' collective and animation studio in Berlin. Comprising both 2D and 3D animation artists, Talking Animals provided the perfect basis for trying new creative approaches. The collective not only created successful animated short films such as "Flamingo Pride" (Tomer Eshed) and "Rising Hope" (Milen Vitanov), but also inspired audiences with commercial projects such as the opener to the successful film adaptation of Charlotte Roche's novel "Feuchtgebiete".

Alongside his involvement with Talking Animals, Pohl also contributed to a wide range of film projects as an animation artist in the private sector until 2014, specializing in digital sets as well as lighting and compositing. In 2014, he co-founded the Berlin-based VFX and animation studio Lumatic GmbH & Co. KG, where he is currently responsible for the production design of the 3D animated film "Drachenreiter" (in pre-production).


Set design

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Development of set design concepts in terms of image composition, colors, lighting, and dramaturgy
  • Planning and creation of digital film sets


  • 2008 Trickster, Director, 3D animation, color, 15 min
  • 2011 Flamingo Pride, Set designer / matte painter, 3D animation, color, 7 min
  • 2013 Feuchtgebiete, Digital set designer / matte painter, feature film, 90 min
  • 2014 Mara und der Feuerbringer, Lighting lead, senior matte painting and environment artist, feature film, 90 min
  • 2015 Er ist wieder da, Digital set designer / matte painter, feature film, 90 min


  • Animago Award 2009, "Trickster" receives the Animago Award in the "Young Talent" category
  • Melbourne International Animation Festival 2009, Audience Award in the "Best of Next" category
  • Bucheon International Student Animation Festival (PISAF) 2009, PISAF CHOICE Award at PISAF 2009, Bucheon, South Korea
  • Brooklyn International Film Festival 2009, Spirit Award Animation
  • Termoli Short Film Festival 2009, Italy, Best Animated Film
  • Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation, Wiesbaden, As one of 10 outstanding German short films, "Trickster" receives the 2009 Short Film Award of the Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation
  • 7th International Student Film Festival, Beijing, China, Audience Award at the 7th International Student Film Festival in Beijing, China (November 9-15, 2008)
  • German Film Rating Office (FBW), Wiesbaden, Rated "Particularly Valuable" by the German Film Rating Office (FBW)
  • Avanca 2008, Portugal, July 25, 2008: Best Animated Film at the 2008 Avanca International Film Festival in Portugal
  • Hamburg Animation Award 2008, June 26, 2008: Third Place at the Hamburg Animation Award