Bees for poetic justice: using transspecies ethnography for building better social systems. Sonic futures is a poetic soundwalk experience in a park that explores the wisdom of nature. Participants have a chance to overhear the poetry created by nature itself and translated to English using AI.

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Project completion:
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Sonic futures is a poetic soundwalk experience in nature. The central goal of the project is to convey the message of nature to humanity using technology as a means of translation. In a real garden, you discover that the natural world is a hearing, living thing, sensorially alert just as you are. With Sonic Futures, the garden will be enhanced with artistically and artificially generated poems and sounds that blend with the natural soundscape. Through the combination of audio experience and projection mapping content, the project invites musing on the living environment and a possible future world in which humans and nature are living together in symbiosis, learning from each other.

The project involves collaboration with non-human agents, i.e., animals, plants, and artificial intelligence (AI). By developing a participatory process involving non-humans and humans, the project will create collective wisdom and a mesmerizing artistic experience. In the first iteration of the project we will focus on collaboration with bees in order to develop a blueprint for further collaborations with other plant and animal species. We plan to record and use sounds of a beehive in order to create a database of tones and behaviors that are connected to this species. We imagine working with partners, who are experts in the field of AI and natural sounds and who already have collected a suitable database. Next, we will translate the sounds of the beehive to English, using artificial intelligence and generate simple poems or poetic sounds. With the help of the newest algorithms, we aim to create a language model suitable to create output serving as a base for our poetic soundwalk experience.