IMPULSE - IMmersive digitisation: uPcycling cULtural heritage towards new reviving StratEgies

The IMPULSE project (funded by Horizon Europe) addresses digitisation methods & practices and integrates XR into Europe’s digital ecosystem. The project combines scientific practice with artistic input to create a digital blueprint for the future. CX Studios’ Björn Stockleben remarks: "Digitization and presentation of Cultural Heritage in emerging media forms have been a focus of the Film University and the CX Studio for quite some years. In the IMPULSE project, we have the opportunity to share our expertise with a vibrant pool of experts from all over Europe, to develop new storytelling approaches and reach international audiences."

Project start:
Project completion:
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FBKW’s Creative eXchange Studio (CX Studio) is a partner in the Jagiellonian University-led IMPULSE project which officially kicked off on Feb 2nd 2024. The three-year project (2024-2027) will examine the entire digitisation process and will devise new approaches to integrate the development of new XR technologies into the digital ecosystem. Such developments require a reassessment of past practices and proposals for future methodologies to ensure the continued availability and accessibility of digital cultural heritage content. CX Studio activity will focus on their digital archives of Holocaust interviews ‘In Echt?’ and the Volumetric Video Archive. The 11 partners include KU Leuven, the University of Malta and University of Athens.

The overall goal of IMPULSE is to develop ground-breaking, comprehensive solutions and methods for digitisation processes and accessibility of digital cultural heritage collections, that will enable their innovative (re)use, solve challenges related to interoperability of platforms and facilitate availability of existing digitised cultural heritage content in novel contexts such as the Metaverse, while creating innovative standardization procedures and adapting legal frameworks to contemporary transformations and creative processes in and for education, arts and CCSI.


Project objectives include:

  • fostering solutions to extend the range and quantity of artefacts and objects that can be displayed using XR;
  • enabling and supporting efficient and effortless reuse, accessibility and presentation of existing digitised cultural heritage content in novel contexts such as the Metaverse, focusing on use by students as well as artists and other creative/cultural actors (CCSI), via IMPULSE pilots (FBKW/CXS leads Task 2.5: Pilot integration and evaluation);
  • developing innovative standardisation procedures and simplified strategies for digitisation processes;
  • providing roadmaps, legal assessments and organizational frameworks with detailed evaluations of occurred risks, barriers and achievable solutions for overcoming them;
  • enabling connections and encounters among researchers, artists, cultural heritage practitioners, CCSIs, entrepreneurs, local institutions/companies and other relevant stakeholders.

IMPULSE will also enable connections and encounters between researchers, artists, cultural heritage practitioners, CCSIs, entrepreneurs, local institutions companies, and other relevant stakeholders, through effective engagement such as the IMPULSE Community of Practice, and appropriate tools and channels such as the IMPULSE Hackathon and Acceleration & Mentoring Hub.


The IMPULSE partners are:

  • Uniwersytet Jagiellonski (PL)
  • KU Leuven (BE)
  • Universita Di Bologna (IT)
  • Universita Ta Malta (MT)
  • Heritage Malta (MT)
  • FBKW (DE)
  • NKUA (EL)
  • Magna Zmien (MT)
  • Clust-ER Create (IT)
  • K8 (DE)
  • ExplodedView (PL)

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