Students who complete the B.F.A. program acquire their first degree qualifying them for an editing career.   

The Editing B.F.A. program comprises artistic and academic subjects that are taught in both mandatory and elective courses. Based on non-normative, experimental exploration, students become familiar with artistic editing strategies and approaches. They learn how to present them in an academic setting and to incorporate them into team processes. Program-specific as well as interdisciplinary film and media projects give them the opportunity to develop their own interests and to define their artistic position.

For their artistic graduation project, students create a portfolio of their artistic works summarizing their personal course of study. In their Bachelor's Thesis, they theoretically reflect upon an issue relevant to creative editing.

The program comprises the following modules: Introductory Courses, Feature / Documentary Film Editing I, Digital Editing I, Editing and Perception I, Editing Exercise I, Film Workshop, Interdisciplinary Non-fictional Project, Interdisciplinary Elective Artistic Project, Interdisciplinary Fictional Project, Interdisciplinary Basics, Feature / Documentary Film Editing II, Digital Editing II, Editing and Perception II, Editing Exercise II, Media Workshop, Occupational Profile and Public Image, Electives, Editing Evaluation, Artistic Graduation Project, Bachelor's Thesis.

For details, please refer to the Study and Examination Regulations in German:

Study and Examination Regulations - PDF

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