Digital Media Art Exhibition "Alive"

For two days, the exhibition space of the gallery Zönotéka in Berlin was transformed into a living something, marked by its own transience, behaviour, temperament and moods.

As part of the course "Collaborative Project", it was the task of the CTech students to realize an exhibition under the motto "New Light". The students conceived and implemented a total of 5 different pieces under the self-chosen exhibition title "Alive". 

You are alive and so are we. So are the trees, plants, animals, birds, insects, fish and microorganisms. You understand what we mean when we say 'alive'. Day after day we habitually perceive the world around us as being split into two rigid categories: living and nonliving.

This common-sense dichotomy strictly regulates our interaction with the world and shapes our ethics, morality and behaviour. On one hand, with rapid technological development spawning algorithms capable of showing emergent, albeit non-living behaviour, and with the current rise of deep ecological concerns on the other, we must revisit the borders between the living and nonliving.

Instead of redefining life, we want to open new possibilities of thinking without dichotomies. To engender a critical dialogue, we have transformed the exhibition space into a living entity that subsists in its own transience, with its peculiar demeanour, its habits, temper, and caprices. Does it react to us or is it bored with us? Is it possible to communicate with this entity and how would one do so? Under which conditions can we claim that the entity is alive or at least, not non-living?

The artists: Franziska Pätzold, Juri Alexander, Marcel Bückner, Markus Dittmann, Markus Traber, Phil Clausen, Simon Stimberg, Faulty Agatha


Hardware: Arduino Micro-Controller, NeoPixel LED Stripes, Motors, Projector ViewSonic PG800HD, Micro Projector, etc.

Software: Processing, Resolume, Ableton, Python, Arduino, GLSL, OpenFrameworks, C++, etc.

#exhibition #digital_media_art #interaction #installation #performance #physical_computing #procedural_generation #projection_mapping

Further Information

Time and Place: 19.-20.07.2019, Galerie Zönotéka, Berlin

Advisors: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Angela Brennecke, Pierre Depaz, Prof. Dr. Lena Gieseke, Stefan Püst