EPIPH-BYTES transforms a room into an interactive world, using industrial shelves to create a "biological server room." It's filled with epiphytic elements that react to your presence. LED light strips connect the pieces, lighting up and changing as people explore. Adding to the atmosphere, there's an old TV, jars that look like they're from a science lab, and a digital cloud of points that add to the magic, blending technology with the beauty of nature's own networks.

A Poetic Exploration of Techno-Biological Collaboration

The project takes you on a journey into a world where technology and biology co-exist, creating a space where communication happens through a network much like roots in the natural world. At the heart of this exploration are "techno-piphytes" or "piph-bytes" - essentially air plants that symbolize our connection to nature and technology. Epiphytes, those unique plants that don't need soil and make their homes on trees or rocks, inspire us with their ability to thrive by drawing water and nutrients from the air. This art installation reflects the complex communication and partnership seen in the natural world among epiphytes, moss, and other plants, inviting visitors to witness the beauty of collaboration in life's tapestry.


The Team

Creative Technologies Students:


Codrin Podoleanu, Lisa Passing, Katja Schreiber, Andreea Mircea, Aliosa Dakic, Adi Aviram, Marta Pang, Elena Vasilkova


Software, Libraries: Ableton, Touch Designer, OSC, Adafruit Neopixel


#installation #interactive #plants  #raspberry_pi #sensors #arduino

The installation is mobile. If you are interested in showing the work EPIPH-BYTES in your gallery, during your festival etc., please contact us!