I'm not a robot

The interactive experience "I’m not a robot" allows visitors to connect to an alternate timeline. Created as a space for social exchange, it is now a place where useless AI-Systems and irrelevant cultural artefacts roam without any purpose.

I'm not a robot tells the story of a retro-futuristic alternate timeline, in which technologies were developed differently to our timeline. AI and worldwide connectivity was already far advanced, while screen technology was still in its infancy. Thus, the internet was created in the 1950s as a vast open space you could access with your telephone. Humans entered for connection and exchange with each other, as well as for help and information by AI-Agents. However, at this point in time, this place has decayed beyond any relevance.


“This experience lets the visitor travel through time and dive into another world. The visitor sits down in a cosy and private room and interacts with this world through a phone while seeing everything they hear visualized on a screen. While staying within a set storyline, the experience is unique to each user and might have a twist.”





The Team

Creative Technologies students:

Anna Brauwers, Marco Braune, Jonathan Ho, Tim Rumpf, Tillman Jex Schäuble, Vivien Schreiber, Jannis Volz, Marco Winter


Software, Libraries: VoIP, Unity, Websocket, Rest API, Whisper.cpp, SQLite

#installation #ai #arduino  #audio_interface

The installation is mobile. If you are interested in showing the installation in your gallery, during your festival etc., please contact us!