Among others, the Film Music program aims at providing students with the following:

The development of an individual musical style as a composer, professional expertise regarding the dramaturgical and stylistic means and techniques that are essential to film music, an understanding of film as an art form and of media theory issues, and the technological skills needed to produce film music.

The program comprises the following subjects: short  introductions to directing, cinematography, film sound, etc.; use and composition of film music; music for university projects; composition and harmonics; workshops on jazz, pop music, etc.; instrumentation and orchestral recording; music recording and mixing, sequencer-based production, sound synthesis, music as part of the sound track; legal and economic issues; film history; dramaturgy of feature films.

The technologies available at the university as well as, e.g., collaborations with the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg give students the opportunity to gain practical experience in film music production. The close collaboration with students from other programs (such as Directing, Sound, or Editing) provides them with an understanding of film as a medium as well as the role musicians play as team members in the creation of a film.

Basic Module
  • Introductory Courses 
Study Modules 
  • Use and Composition of Film Music I 
  • Composition I 
  • Orchestration I 
  • Sound Design and Music Production I 
  • Media Theory 
  • Legal and Entrepreneurial Module 
  • Use and Composition of Film Music II 
  • Composition II 
  • Orchestration II 
  • Sound Design and Music Production II 
Project Module 
  • Scoring for Film Projects 
Graduation Module 
  • Master's Thesis

Program Duration and Scope 

  • 6 semesters (120 credits) 
  • combination of full-time and part-time study