Reframing Filmuni Summer School - Monika Richter

Finally, the programme of this year’s Summer School was online.

Immediately, we felt something like pride, anticipation, joy.

Learning about the art of film with like-minded people from around the globe is our passion and -yes- our job.

Meanwhile, some unsettling news from the far east arrived. 

Unaware of the impact of these news we continued our daily work.

Nobody knew what was going to happen.

In fact, what followed was outside of the imaginable.


Shutdown affects almost every detail of our lives.

Unable to meet, we spend long hours online.

Marveling at our inability to change the circumstances.

Making the best out of a difficult situation and

Exploring new ways of managing the daily tasks.

Rethinking our projects but wondering if people would find their way to Babelsberg this summer.


Still, many people register for the Summer School

Challenging us to find a creative solution for our programme to happen.

Here we are now: 

Online can be a chance!

Our first digital class started this week.

Let’s do it!

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