AMONG US WOMEN – Director: Sarah Noa Bozenhardt

Director: Sarah Noa Bozenhardt | Co-Director: Daniel Abate Tilahun - 2021 - Evolution Film, ZDF - 93 min.

In the village of Megendi, maternity care is changing. Caught in the midst of the shift, a community of women explore how best to provide for expectant mothers. At the center, pregnant Huluager Endeshaw (25) weighs what is expected of her against what she needs, bringing past pain to the surface. Working through her discomfort, she finds solace in her fellow women and the godfather of her child. As the story unfolds, Hulu uncovers her true wishes and with them, an unshakeable desire to remain loyal to her heart. 

“To me it was clear from the beginning, that if I was to be a white woman making a film with Black participants, I had to first and foremost listen. Keeping our team and the film’s participants at the core of this project and creating space for their individual perspectives, whilst building upon my personal relationship to the country I grew up in, was the only way I felt equipped to make this film. This approach would cost a lot of time and endurance, but it was either this way or no way at all.” – Sarah Noa Bozenhardt


  • 64. DOK Leipzig – International Competition (2021)
  • Cork International Film Festival (2021)
  • Biberacher Filmfestspiele (2021)
  • Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (2022)
  • iRepresent International Documentary Film Festival (2022)
  • Film de Femmes (2022)
  • FIDBA Buenos Aires – Competition (2022)
  • Women's Voices Now (2022)
  • Vancouver Intl. Women in Film Festival (2023)
  • Porto Femme Intl. Film Festival (2023)
  • Women in Mottion Accra (2023)
  • Trento Intl. Film Festival (2023)
  • Through Her Eyes Filmfestival (2023)
  • Pärnu Film Festival (2023)


  • 64. DOK Leipzig: Honorable Mention
  • Deutschen Kamerapreis: Nomination for Best Editing: Andrea Muñoz
  • Filmpreis Globale Perspektiven: Honorable Mention
  • Film de Femmes: Grand Prix Documentaire
  • FIDBA: First Prize of the SIGNIS Jury
  • Women's Voices Now: Best First Time Filmmaker
  • Vancouver Intl. Women in Film Festival: Best Editing
  • Porto Femme: Best Film
  • Pärnu Film Festival: Best Doc on Survival of Indigenous Peoples