Cinæsthesie. Translating Animation

In close collaboration with an audio descriptor, a blind author and the director Anne Isensee, an animated short film will be realized that questions common ways of production. The film also wants to make them aesthetically and socially accessible - off the norm.

Project start:

Whereas in most productions audio description, a central means of conveying film and theater images to a non- or low-sighted audience, only takes place after the film has already been completed, it will be elementary in the project "Cinæsthesie. Translating Animation" already during the process of film-making.

Thus, cinæsthetic translations as the center of the production are to be explored experimentally: each text, each image, each sound is created in exchange with experts of non-visual perception, considering the confrontation with sensually different approaches to the world. Anne Isensee, Thekla Neuß and Halvard Schommartz will accompany the whole process by setting up a podcast and an accessible website. In this way they want to reflect on the production process itself as well as using artistic research to make their translation work fruitful for other contexts beyond the project.

Project lead: Anne Isensee, Thekla Neuß, Halvard Schommartz