Loving, Not Laughing - A participatory documentary

The theoretical frame of the artistic research project “Loving, Not Laughing” is based on Astra Zoldnere’s analysis of the representation of older people’s sexuality in the 100 most-watched German-speaking fiction films in cinema (2009 – 2018).

Project start:

In a participatory documentary a group of seniors (65+) re-performs a typical scene with older characters in popular movies. The scene re-produces the stereotype that older people do not have a meaningful intimate life of their own and are instead busy observing younger people. But does this scene correspond to the reality of the seniors? The older participants of the project have various personal situations and approaches to sexuality. During the filming process, the older participants develop and perform their own scenes exploring intimacy.

Project lead: Astra Zoldnere

Contact: astra.zoldnere(at)filmuniversitaet.de