Rooms - 360° Film - Director: Christian Zipfel

Director: Christian Zipfel - 2018 - MBB - 23 Min.

Ever since sedentism, mankind has been creating closed and strictly regulated rooms. They facilitate the satisfaction of human drives and therefore provide a basis for our culture. Rooms will let you immerse into five intimate room realities. Having an anthropological view on the presented world, the narration follows the rooms’ archaic processes and watches the rooms’ dramatised physical development. The rooms are defined as a socially important construct rather than just space framed by walls. Which fundamental functions do rooms have for mankind? Is it possible to disobey or question our culture’s rules? What happens to a room, when civilisation has left its space?

“The idea was to make the room a protagonist. Working with a frameless medium, we focused on creating a suspenseful “room dramaturgy”. The viewer’s interactive task is to find his own point of interest in the portrayed rooms. The spectator is responsible for deciding how explicitly he wants to experience the documental processes.” Christian Zipfel


  • 75th Venice International Film Festival - VR Competition
  • “Digital Rising Stars Award” at Nominierung Prix Europa
  • 47th Montreal Festival du nouveau cinéma - FNC Explore Winner Prix Immersion
  • BIFF Busan International Film Festival - VR Competition
  • 59th Thessaloniki Film Festival - VR Competition
  • 23rd Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival - VR cinema section
  • 50th Nashville Film Festival - VR competition

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