Surrealistic narrative image worlds

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In the context of her artistic-scenographic research project "Surrealistic Narrative Worlds of Images", Svantje Woltersdorf investigates the intersections of set design in theater and film. The staged space is being seen as an experimental laboratory outside the usual production processes.

Svantje Woltersdorf questions the general process of aesthetic visualization of content and what role photography plays in the creation of a set design concept. The project focuses on the staging of space in non-space.

Three short stories from Michael Ende's "Mirror in the Mirror" (1983) serve as a basis. They are staged in the studio and visually transformed into three different charts. In this way, an autonomous scenographic research space is created in order to conduct research detached from the departments of direction and cinematography.

The staging in the studio is preceded by research for creating an analog photo series. Therin effect-aesthetic spatial arrangements are examined. The extent to which statements of an image can be modified by adding or taking away elements from a given scenery is determined. The first results of the analog photo research were presented alongside with the staging in the studio in fall 2016. In the context of a photo exhibition taking place at the atrium of the  Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF one could set both in relation to each other.

Project lead: Svantje Woltersdorf