YOU TELL ME – Director: Michael Fetter Nathansky

Director: Michael Fetter Nathansky - 2019 - Wood Water Films, Contando Films, RBB - 104 Min.

After an attack on her sister Silke, Moni returns to her old home after almost 20 years. Moni does everything she can to track down the attacker and protect her sister from him. But does Silke – who has not trusted her sister for a long time – even want to do that? If so, who is really to be protected? And above all, from whom? What role does the perpetrator René play in this, who himself does not understand why he did it? A melancholic episodic film that plays with three very different perspectives and reinvents itself again and again in the search for answers.


  • Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis – Competition (2019)
  • Palm Springs Intl. Film Festival (2019)
  • Festival des deutschen Films Ludwigshafen (2019)
  • Achtung Berlin – Competition (2019)
  • FILMZ – Festival des deutschen Films Mainz (2019)
  • Internationales Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg (2019)
  • Biberacher Filmfestspiele (2019)
  • Kinoauswertung in Deutschland (2020)


  • Filmkunstpreis – Ludwigshafen
  • Best Screenplay, Best Producer, Best Acting – Achtung Berlin
  • Audience Award – FILMZ
  • German Acting Awards – Nomination for Gisa Flake & Marc-Ben Plich