Friends of wisdom

Ben studied philosophy, lives with his friend Max and has a daughter, Sophia, who lives with his ex-girlfriend Pam. His daughter's birthday confronts him with his role as a father and philosopher. He is accompanied by Max, who forces him to face up to his responsibility. Also involved is the old hippie Herbert, who helps out in the daughter´s toy store. His rough and wise way of life gives the life of Max and Ben the decisive turn.

2018, BA-Abschlussfilm, Schauspielabschlussfilm, feature film


Georg Meyer
Andreas Arnstedt


main cast:
Steven Sowah
supporting cast:
Kristine Keil
main cast:
Frederik Guenther
supporting cast:
Sara Simons
supporting cast:
Dominik Matuschek
supporting cast:
Lisa Lekutat


Internationale Hofer Filmtage