Sixteen-year-old Linn is finally allowed to join her father on the elk hunt. She knows the hunt and its rules, but in the group of hunters she first needs to prove herself. Linn strikes. She shoots her first trophy. But her pride is short-lived, when it turns out that she has killed a mother elk. It is prohibited to kill females before shooting their calf. The calf has to be found and shot so it won’t perish in agony. Full of shame and eagerness, Linn goes searching for the calf on her own. A walk into the wilderness that becomes her actual test. Rå is the story of an initiation. Linn is confronted with the limits of the community she wants to belong to – and with herself.

2018, BA-Abschlussfilm, MA-Abschlussfilm, feature film


Roman Gielke
Aleksandra Medianikova
Andrea Laura Herda-Munoz
Laura Klippel
Valeria Venturelli
Sophia Bösch
Robert Niemeyer


main cast:
Sofia Aspholm
main cast:
Lennart Jähkel
main cast:
Lars T. Johansson
main cast:
Emil Öhlén
main cast:
Ivan Mathias Petersson
main cast:
Ingmar Virta