The Driven

Stefan is constructing his own racecar for 12 years. Every friday after work he drives to his parents place outside of Berlin to continue this project in their garage. This car is so much more to him than just a vehicle, it's his life's work and obsession. He'll never stop trying to improve, optimize and prove that he can push the boundaries of the technical limitations one step further. David's trying to push boundaries aswell. He's constantly looking for boarderline experiences regarding speed and car control. If he just manages to keep control of his car while driving 120mph through the forest he begins to feel alive. He uses the car to test and push his own limits. He's even willing to deal with the risks following. The Driven is a film about the power of passion, about the search for meaning and the urge to prove ourselves.

2018, F1, documentary


Linus Joos
Carolin Hauke
Gal b. Mayersohn


main cast:
Stefan Krüger
main cast:
David Ewald