Oliver Hanley

Academic assistant


Film heritage

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Digital environments of film heritage
  • Source studies in media history
  • (Theory and practice of) film restoration and reconstruction
  • Film tradition and film historiography

Short Biography

Oliver Hanley was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 1984. From 2002-2005, he pursued a B.A. degree in Film Studies at the University of Kent in Canterbury, UK. From 2006-2008, he studied Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image at the University of Amsterdam and completed the program with an M.A. degree. During his internship at the German Film Institute (DIF) in Frankfurt am Main from 2007-2008, he worked at the institute's film archive and was involved, among others, in restoration and DVD projects. In summer 2008, he attended the Film Restoration Summer School / FIAF Summer School in Bologna, Italy. As a project assistant at Berlin's Deutsche Kinemathek – Museum für Film und Fernsehen (2008-2011), Hanley was involved, among others, in the multimedia online documentation of lost films (lost-films.eu), the online archive for photographs and films from the time of the German Reunification in 1989-1990 (wir-waren-so-frei.de), and the editing of media for the program gallery of the museum's permanent exhibition as well as numerous special exhibitions. As a research assistant at Österreichisches Filmmuseum in Vienna (2011-2016), he was responsible, among others, for editing DVD and online video publications as well as curating restoration and digitization projects. Hanley has been an academic assistant in Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf's Film Heritage M.A. program since 2016.      

Selected Publications

(Co-) Editor / (Co-) Author:


Parth, Kerstin / Hanley, Oliver / Ballhausen, Thomas (eds.) Work|s in Progress. Digital Film Restoration Within Archives. Vienna: Synema Publikationen 2013.

Selected Essays / Contributions:

Digitální přístup k archivním sbírkám spojeným s filmem pohledem zasvěcených / Some Insider Thoughts on Digital Access to Film-Related Archival Collections. In: Illuminace. Časopis pro teorii, historii a estetiku filmu, 2/2015.

"Vmeste my vystoim": Evropejskie kinoarchivy v vek cifrovogo dostupa. Vvedenie k proektam EFG1914 i ,Kinonedelja. Ėlektronnaja versija' ["United we stand": Europäische Filmarchive im Zeitalter digitaler Verfügbarkeit. Die Projekte EFG1914 und Kinonedelja - Online Edition]. In: Kinovečeskie zapiski, 106/107 (2014).

Voskrošenie Fedi. Rekonstrukcija prem'ernoj redakcii fil'ma Fedora Ocepa Živoj trup. [Die Auferstehung Fedjas. Rekonstruktion der Uraufführungsfassung des Films Der lebende Leichnam von Fedor Ocep]. In: Kinovečeskie zapiski, 102/103 (2014).

Un corps exquis. (Re-)Restoring Fedor Ocep's Der lebende Leichnam / Živoj trup (The Living Corpse). In: Parth, Kerstin / Hanley, Oliver / Ballhausen, Thomas (eds.), Work|s in Progress. Digital Film Restoration Within Archives. Vienna: Synema Publikationen 2013.

Scholarly Archivists / Archival Scholars: Rethinking the traditional models. In: The Velvet Light Trap, 70 (2012).

Electric Dreams: Reflections on the Deutsche Kinemathek's Lost Films Project, 2008-2010. In: Bursi, Giulio / Venturini, Simone (eds.), Quel che brucia (non) ritorna / What Burns (Never) Returns: Lost and Found Films, Pasian di Prato (UD): Campanotto Editore 2011.

Selected DVD (Co-) Supervision Projects:

The Salvation Hunters / The Case of Lena Smith (US 1925/1929, Josef von Sternberg). film&kunst GmbH / Österreichisches Filmmuseum / UCLA Film & Television Archive / Waseda University Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum 2016 (=Edition Filmmuseum 105).

Mysterious Object at Noon (TH 2000, Apichatpong Weerasethakul). film&kunst GmbH / Österreichisches Filmmuseum / The Film Foundation / Synema – Gesellschaft für Film und Medien 2015 (=Edition Filmmuseum 98).

Panzerkreuzer Potemkin / Oktjabr' (SU 1925/1928, Sergej Eisenstein). film&kunst GmbH / Filmmuseum München / Österreichisches Filmmuseum et al. 2014 (=Edition Filmmuseum 82).

Fragments of Kubelka (AT 2012, Martina Kudláček). film&kunst GmbH / Österreichisches Filmmuseum 2014 (=Edition Filmmuseum 85).

Džim Švantė (Sol' Svanetii) / Gvozd' v sapoge (SU 1930/1932, Michail Kalatozov). film&kunst GmbH / Filmmuseum München / Österreichisches Filmmuseum / National Archives of Georgia 2014 (=Edition Filmmuseum 84).

California Trilogy: El Valley Centro / Los / Sogobi (US 1999-2001, James Benning). film&kunst GmbH / Österreichisches Filmmuseum 2012 (=Edition Filmmuseum 78).

Further Activities

Since 2015: corresponding member of the Programming and Access to Collections Commission of Fédération Internationale des Archives du Film (FIAF)

2013-2014: member of the expert group in the "Film Collections and Filmmakers" CoP of the EU-funded project Presto4U   


Willy-Haas-Preis 2015, DVD Category [Shortlist] (Panzerkreuzer Potemkin & Oktjabr')

Willy-Haas-Preis 2014, DVD Category [Shortlist] (Fragments of Kubelka)

Il Cinema Ritrovato DVD Awards XI Edition, Best DVD of the Year 2013/2014 (Sol' Svanetii & Gvozd' v sapoge)