Prof. Ulrich Reuter

Professor of Film Music Composition

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Born in Bamberg in 1966, Ulrich Reuter studied School Music at the Würzburg University of Music and Film Music at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg. He has been composing music for cinema and TV since 1996 and has written scores for a wide range of productions in different genres.

Until 2005, Reuter taught film music at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich. Moreover, he offered courses and workshops on film music at the European Institute for Continuing Education in Film and Television (EFIFF) in Gauting, the University of Music and Theater "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" in Leipzig, and the Würzburg University of Music. He delivered expert speeches on audio-related subjects at IFA Berlin 2008 and at the 2009 edition of Filmmusiktage Sachsen-Anhalt. He was a visiting lecturer at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, contributed to the musical education program offered by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in 2014, and conducted a workshop for the GEMA European Music Authors Scholarship Program in Dresden in 2014. Reuter has contributed to publications such as "Klassiker der Filmmusik" (Reclam) and "Kinder, Kunst und Kino" (Kopaed).


Composition and use of film music

Research and Teaching Interests

  • Psychological and dramaturgical effects of the combination of music and images
  • Current developments in contemporary media regarding musical esthetics and styles
  • Further development of the terminology describing the functions and characteristics of music and supporting the creative process

Selected Projects

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  • Beuys. Cinema documentary. D: Andres Veiel. P: Zeroone Film. 2016 – score (with Damian Scholl)
  • Spreewaldkrimi: Spiel mit dem Tod. Crime. ZDF. D: Christian Görlitz. P: Aspekt Telefilm. 2015/16
  • Donaukind – Fluss des Lebens. Drama. ZDF. D: Torsten C. Fischer. P: Schiwago Film. 2014
  • Ein todsicherer Plan. Crime. ARD/SWR. D: Roland Suso Richter. P: Maran Film. 2013
  • Der Kaktus. Comedy. BR/ARD. D: Franziska Buch. P: Wiedemann und Berg. 2013
  • München 72 – das Attentat. Drama. ZDF. D: Dror Zahavi. P: Teamworx. 2011/12
  • Polizeiruf 110: Fremde im Spiegel. Crime. ARD/RBB. D: Ed Herzog. P: DokFilm. 2010
  • Die Zeit der Kraniche. Drama. MDR/ORF/Degeto. D: Josh Broecker. P: Cinecentrum. 2010
  • Rosannas Tochter. Drama. BR/ARD/Degeto. D: Franziska Buch. P: Teamworx. 2009
  • Tatort Münster: Tempelräuber. Crime. WDR. D: Matthias Tiefenbacher. P: Filmpool. 2009
  • Der Tote im Spreewald. Crime. ZDF. D: Christian von Castelberg. P: Aspekt Telefilm. 2009
  • Die Drachen besiegen. Drama. BR. D: Franziska Buch. P: Ziegler Film. 2008/09
  • Die Freundin der Tochter. Drama. NDR. D: Josh Broecker. P: Sperl + Schott, Oberon. 2008
  • Polizeiruf 110: Verdammte Sehnsucht. Crime. RBB. D: Bodo Fürneisen. P: Antaeus Film. 2008
  • Das Wunder von Berlin. Event movie. ZDF. D: R. S. Richter. P: Teamworx. 2007
  • Tatort Münster: Das zweite Gesicht. Crime. WDR/ARD. D: T. Trageser. P: Müller und Seelig. 2006
  • Pest – Die Rückkehr. Two-part disaster movie. RTL. D: N. Stein. P: Zeitsprung Köln. 2001
  • Commissario Brunetti: Venezianische Scharade. Crime. ARD. D: C. v. Castelberg, P: Trebitsch. 2000
  • Straight Shooter. Cinema thriller. D: Thomas Bohn. P: Senator/Perathon Film. 1998/99
  • Sara Amerika. Cinema film. D & P: R. S. Richter. 1998
  • Die Bubi Scholz Story. Two-part drama. D: R. S. Richter. P: MTM. 1998
  • 14 Tage lebenslänglich. Cinema thriller. D: Roland Suso Richter. P: Helkon. 1996


Nominated for a German Film Award for Best Score (1997), German Film Award for Best Score (2009), German Music Authors' Prize in the category "Film and TV Music Composition" (2011), Main Prize (Sponsorship Award) at the European Film Music Biennale in Bonn (1997).