Zainab Tariq

 Zainab Tariq

Creative Technologies | Year 2019

Zainab Tariq acquired her Bachelor of Science degree in International Media and Computing. During her academic career, she has gained skills in different fields ranging from 3D design to Virtual Reality by contributing in projects that cover different areas of development. Although she has a technical background, she is passionate about arts and different forms of expression. As a creative technologist, she is implementing her technical knowledge in artistic ways, mainly focusing on interactive media and creative coding.



This project was the final assignment for procedural generation and simulation class. This project consists of a surreal 3D scene with a focus on a humanoid with unrealistic elements integrated into the body. The atmospheric feeling of the environment resembles an otherworldly dimension. It was implemented in Houdini. This work is a collaboration with Jacky Lai.


Abbys is a first-person Virtual Reality application, where the user can experience an immersive and interactive audiovisual installation. The user find themselves in a dimly lit room containing multiple light rays creating multidimensional light drawings. These drawings can be seen as vector drawings. Throughout the experience, different animations, effects and visuals are presented. The movement of different visual elements is synchronised with the audio. This project is an attempt to take audio-visual installations to the virtual world making it more accessible and exploring features that are difficult to implement in a physical world.

Poster Generator

The Poster Generator Application enables you to create your individual Poster influenced by Creative Coding visuals and aesthetics. This project was done in collaboration with Anna Eschenbacher