In the most diverse forms virtualization is constantly taking place all around us. It is part of our personal environment as well as our working world. From a critical point of view, this causes many challenges, be it social or economic, but it also promises truly novel opportunities. Knuth Möde's project therefore focuses on the emerging technological developments in order to make its resulting opportunities available to the students and filmmakers of the Film University.

Project start:

Digitalization and virtualization have extremely changed artistic processes. However, they also offer new solutions to provide improved artistic spaces in which it becomes possible to work free of economic or creative barriers. At the same time, it is important not to lose sight of the complexity and diversity of the various craft-specific requirements.

The XR (extended reality) system to be developed by Knuth Möde could significantly improve artistic design and drafting processes of different disciplines as well as the interaction of everyone on the real set. Teams are often spread all over the globe today. The system could bring together the elaborated set components designed by him and assess and optimize them together in an own virtual space.