Summer Film Camp

Foto: Manuela Clemens

The Film Camp is a two-week intensive program for international film enthusiasts that provides insights into the theory and practice of filmmaking.

Date: 9-20 August 2021, Mo-Fr 9:30 am - 5:30 pm  

Language: English

Number of participants: 12-15             

Location: Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF*

Cost: 890,- EUR

hygiene measures on-site: 40,- EUR

Early Bird before 30 April 2021: 850,- EUR

* depending on the development of the pandemic if need be hybrid or online participation will be adopted (more infos under Registration & Participation)

The focus of the camp is set on storytelling in film and how to work in a team. The participants will learn a wide range of storytelling possibilities in film and practise translating their ideas into film language. The renowned course instructors, Jean Boué and Cosima Lange, will accompany participants through all theoretical and practical units.

Participation in the Film Camp does not require any previous knowledge of film.

The course is fully booked (application deadline: 14 June 2021).

Content & Objectives

The participants will learn a wide range of storytelling possibilities in film through the analysis of film examples, case studies and project work. These combined learnings will help participants to practice translating their ideas into film language throughout the complex collaborative system of a film production. The course instructors, Jean Boué and Cosima Lange, will accompany participants through all theoretical and practical units.  

Film maker Cosima Lange will present her documentary feature film “Hello, I am David!”, a journey into the world of the outstanding pianist David Helfgott. She will break down all the steps from the development to financing, producing, directing, editing and postproduction and finally to distribution. The group will then watch “Shine”, a feature film that translates the same topic into a fictional story. Both films are discussed in the group.

Alongside the case study, the preparation of the practical project begins with introductions in cinematography, editing and sound. At the end of week one, the participants will present their film ideas in a pitch, collectively select three ideas, and then split up into teams. Every team will realise a short film sequence. They will prepare, shoot, edit and sound design their project together in week two. Jean Boué and Cosima Lange will accompany the teams and support them in each step of the process. At the end of week two, the teams will present their projects followed by an intense feedback session with the course instructors and the whole group.


Jean Boué is an author, director and producer of documentary formats for public television and cinema. Many of his films have been broadcasted internationally and shown at festivals. His films have been awarded the German Grimme Prize and the European Civis Award, among others. He holds scholarships of the DEFA and of the Robert Bosch Foundation. In 2000, Jean Boué founded the production company JABfilm. He is a member of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dokumentarfilm and the European Documentary Network. Since 2013, he is a regular lecturer at Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF.

Films (selections)

REFUGEE 11, 90 Min., D 2017

WESTWARDS TO WORK, 68 Min., D 2015             

911 ADAMSHOPE, 70 MIN, D 2014


CALL ME IGGY, 52 Min., D/USA 2012

BEING KOHL, 88 Min., D 2009




Cosima Lange was introduced to a variety of different countries and cultures as a member of The Hamburg State Opera Children’s Choir. She toured as a child through:  Japan, Russia, USA and many European countries. These travels  inspired the idea to start her career in filming. For her, media’s capacity to connect or divide people all over the world was a strong motivation. Her earnest desire to create cultural bridges between people melded simultaneously with her belief in transmitting information, hopes and dreams across cultures through entertainment.

In 1998, she studied film production at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg with an emphasis in “creative producing”, which prioritizes a close partnership between director and script-writer. During this time, she produced various short films, and in 2003 was awarded her degree. Her final project, a romantic-science-fiction-thriller, VACUUM (production and script), had great success at international film festivals and was shown on TV.

In 2005 she founded fliegende fische filmproduktion and realised her feature debut with CHAMAMÉ (documentary). Since then she works as a freelance director, author and producer for cinema and television.

She lectures at Film Academy Baden-Württemberg and Film University Babelsberg.

Films (selections)

A DAY WITH MR JULES, D 2018 // author, director, producer

HELLO I AM DAVID!, D 2016 // author, director, producer

THE WORLD CITIZEN, D 2012 // author, director

CHAMAMÉ, D 2007 // author, director, producer


Registration and Participation

The Film Camp is directed at participants aged 18 or older who have a strong interest in film and would like to explore the theory and practice of filmmaking in a workshop setting. The Film Camp is an ideal opportunity for young people who would like to check out the special atmosphere at the Filmuniversität, and who want to explore whether filmmaking could be their career. Participating in the Film Camp does not require any previous knowledge of film.

Participants are asked to register online using our application form. Spots are limited and will be awarded based on registration date after assessment of the application and receipt of the participation fee.

The fee covers the  participation in the course, materials, technical equipment and the use of the studio. Meals and accommodation expenses are not included and must be covered by participants. We will be happy to provide you with recommendations for accommodations in the vicinity.


The Covid-19 pandemic and the measures to limit the virus are still evolving. It is important for us to offer you the ability to plan your film training in a secure manner in these uncertain times.

The safety of our participants, workshop instructors and mentors is our highest priority. Depending on development of the pandemic and in accordance with the guidelines for the containment of the coronavirus by the state of Brandenburg, the Summer Film Camp’s concept will be modified and hygiene measures appropriate to the situation will be implemented.

What does this mean?

  • If held on-site, we will pay strict attention to hygiene and distance regulations. We will use the most up to date protective measures or those prescribed by the state of Brandenburg for virus containment, e.g. disinfection of equipment, wearing of medical masks and self-testing. Participants are asked to take personal protective measures independently and under their own responsibility. If need be the fee for hygiene measures is to be paid on site.
  • If on-site workshops are not or only partially possible, hybrid or online participation will be adopted. Here, the latest and best practices, tried and tested in international film productions since the beginning of the pandemic, will be applied. In case the workshop has to move fully online (we do not assume this at present) the programme’s focus will be suitably modified, and the participation fee will be reduced according to the costs.

The participants will be informed regularly and in time via email about the status of their courses. We recommend that you book your travel and accommodation with the option to cancel.