Showcase: Interaction & Immersion

With the brand new section Showcase: Interaction & Immersion the Sehsüchte Festival 2019 presented for the first time a selection of innovative projects using modern technologies in a creative manner. The exhibition was curated and realized by Creative Technologies students under the direction of Phil Clausen.

The aim of the exhibition was to explore novel forms of storytelling, with a focus on interaction and immersion. We were looking for works that include the following creative technologies - but topics were not limited to them: XR, projection mappings, multi-screen setups, sensor-based systems, robotics, biophysical sensors, brain-computer interfaces, gesture recognition and AI.

There were 6 works by students from 5 different countries exhibited:

Quimera Lab: Bestiario Especulativo

Artist: Daniel Shambo, Colombia, 2018
Quimera Lab is an interactive installation that emerges from the fascination for life and the mysteries that surround it. Using multiple sensors and the audience’s input, Quimera Lab creates mysterious deep sea creatures.


Artist: Faulty Agatha, Sound Designer: Françoise Rosen, Germany, 2019
Fantasynth is a real-time installation that offers a glimpse into worlds where perceptual traditions are defied and the borders between fiction and reality are compromised.


Artist: Phil Clausen, Germany, 2019
Cinesphere captures and reflects the atmosphere of digital movies by measuring and reinterpreting their audiovisual features.

Controlled Disaster

Artist: Aizek, Russia, 2019
The performance Controlled Disaster studies harmony and its visual representation. The artist explores mathematical algorithms, neural networks and their visual impact on an image. Both the creation of harmony and its destruction are shown in an audiovisual performance.


Artist: Maria Paula Calderon, Other: Aaron Sherwvoo, United Arab Emirates, 2018
Extinction is an interactive short story that utilizes engaging sounds and visuals to immerse users into an environment that changes and deteriorates based on the user’s intrusion. Inspired by Elizabeth Kolbert’s “The Sixth Extinction”, this piece highlights our environment’s decreasing survival rate and the dawn of the sixth mass extinction.

Through the Veil

Artist: Yigit Daldikler, Germany, 2018
Through the Veil explores the sensory experience of the body in space with ever-changing media. This kinetic multi-media sculpture shows how different materials interact with light in space. The audience experiences time and space in a perpetual motion through these materials.

Opening Celebration

The exhibition was accompanied by an opening celebration under the motto Storytelling Through Art and Technology, during which the invited artists Linda Havenstein, Jemma Woolmore and Cedric Kiefer gave insights into their work. Linda, Jemma and Cedric talked about their career paths and experiences and answered questions of the students.


Linda Havenstein

Jemma Woolmore

Cedric Kiefer, Studio onformative


An exhibition curated by CTech students was also planned for the Sehsüchte Festival 2020, this time under the motto Beyond the Frame with a total of 18 invited student works. Unfortunately the festival had to be cancelled due to Corona. Information about a possible postponement to September will follow soon!



Hardware: Projector NEC PA 550 W, Projector ViewSonic PG800HD, Projector BenQ MW820ST, Screen primeTOUCH UHD 65", Arduino, Speaker, etc.

Software: Processing, Unity, Python, Arduino, etc.

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Further Information

Time and Place: Sehsüchte Festival 2019, 25.-27.04.2019, Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, Potsdam

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Lena Gieseke