Thank you for your interest in studying at our university. Below you will find information on the application process as well as on required application documents and work samples.

Please note: As both application deadlines and the process of assessing applicants' aptitude for the program might change, please make sure to visit our website on a regular basis for up-to-date information.

Students who wish to be admitted to a program must meet the admission criteria and successfully prove their program-specific artistic eligibility to enroll. The assessment of applicants' artistic eligibility encompasses the pre-selection process and the admission test, both of which will be conducted according to the applicable regulations and statutes of the university.

You will find the link to our Online Application Portal below in section 2 (Applying Online).

Application Deadline

Applications are accepted only once a year for the winter semester. The application period is March 8, 2021 through May 16, 2021. Please note that this is a receipt deadline, not a postmark deadline.

Application Process

1. Preparing Your Application Documents

All applicants are required to submit the application documents specified in sections 1.1. through 1.5. Section 1.3. is only relevant for applicants who hold a university entrance qualification from / who have completed their first degree program qualifying for a profession at an institution in a non-German-speaking country and do not hold German citizenship.

Please insert page numbers on all application documents (with the exception of your work samples) corresponding to the order below and submit them in a spring binder (please do not use spiral or fixed binding). 

1.1. Standard Application Documents

  • the signed print-out of the online completed application form
  • a table of contents of all items handed in (please specifiy the format of each item)
  • a CV in tabular form

1.2. Certificate for the Entrance Qualification for a Master Program

For applicants holding a  Certificate for the Entrance Qualification for a Master Program from a German institution, the required certificates are specified under "German Certificates". For applicants holding a Certificate for the Entrance Qualification for a Master Program from a non-German institution, the required certificates are specified under "Foreign Certificates".  For applications to this Master program, the regulations specified in §9, paragraphs 5-6 of the Brandenburg Higher Education Act (BbgHG) are valid.

German Certificates: 

Please submit a copy of your certificate to proof the successful completion of a Film and Television Production Bachelor of Arts program or another relevant university degree program. In case the Bachelor's degree has not been awarded yet as the applicant still has to take a few final exams and the results of the exams taken so far suggest that the degree will be completed prior to the beginning of the Master's program, the applicant must submit a certificate issued by the registrar's office of his/her university. 

Foreign Certificates:

Applicants who have earned their degree abroad must have their certificates tested and assessed by uni-assist (further information uni-assist). Please consider that the recognition process at uni-assist can take up to 6 weeks (you need the VPD document from uni-assist before our the application deadlines end). Fees are incurred for the checking of your application documents.                                        


  • This also applies to German citizens.
  • Citizens of the People's Republic of China, Mongolia, and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam are asked to familiarize themselves with the special regulations for applicants from these countries.

1.3. Language requirements

International applicants holding a university-entrance qualification from a non-German-speaking institution are required to show that they have achieved an overall rating of at least DSH-2 in the DSH ("Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang" / German Language Test for University Admission) test or provide an equivalent language certificate complying with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Please submit a copy of the language certificate. Please inform about the accepted German language proficiency certificates of the study program.

Note: Further information if your German proficiency is lower than the required level.


1.4. Professional Experiences

  • Certificates / references (originals or certified copies!) providing evidence of at least 12 weeks of relevant practical experience in the field of production management / coordinatio in the audio-visual media industry, or project management in the filed of New Media at the time of applying. Certificates / references should detail the type, scope, and quality of work performed. Applicants are expected to submit a written report summarizing and evaluating their practical experience.
  • table listing your professional experiences (click here for the template)

1.5. Work Samples

Work samples showing the applicant's suitability for the program, including each of the following: 

  • a documentation of works and projects from the last three years revealing the applicant's individual artistic position (10 pages maximum)
  • a compilation of audio-visual projects in which the applicant played a significant role. The compilation should have a total length of 10 minutes and be uploaded as either a demo upload via the link in our application portal, or as a link to one of the established video platforms ( e.g. Vimeo). The link needs to be accessible indefinitely for reviewing purposes.

Please note: Considering the ciricumstances due to the Corona virus, we ask all applicants to additionally hand in their application documents digitally via Email. Documents should be sent as PDF (max. 7 MB attachments). A showreel of audiovisual projects with a total maximum duration of 10 minutes should be handed in as a demo upload via one of the most common video platforms, e. g. Vimeo. Please make sure that the link is not limited in time. Please include your name and applicant number.

Please send your documents and Links to: Catharina Hillmann, Film and TV Production program, email: produktion.bewerbungen(at)

Please state your name and applicant number in the subject line.

2. Applying Online

All applicants to B.A. and M.A. programs must apply online via the university's application portal. Please note that an administrative will be charged for each application.

There are special requirements for applicants who hold a foreign university entrance qualification or have completed their first degree program qualifying for a profession abroad. Please note that registering with uni-assist alone is not sufficient. All applicants must additionally apply via the Film University's online application portal. 

3. Submitting Application Documents

Please indicate your name and applicant number (from the online application portal) on all application documents. Send your documents, the signed application form (from the online application portal), and your work samples to the following address within the stipulated deadline:

Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF
Master-Studiengang Film- und Fernsehproduktion
Marlene-Dietrich-Allee 11
14482 Potsdam

Additionally, please hand in all application documents digitally:

  • All texts as one single PDF
  • The showreel of audiovisual projects as a VIMEO link including your name and applicant number

Please send the PDF and the link in an email to:

Catharina Hillmann, study programme Film and TV Production, email: produktion.bewerbungen(at)

Include your name and applicant number in the email's subject line.


  • Please note that the application deadline is a receipt deadline, not a postmark deadline. Applicants who wish to personally submit their application documents can do so Monday through Friday at the university reception office / mail room.
  • Postal items requiring the payment of C.O.D. or customs charges upon receipt will not be accepted.
  • Applications that are incomplete and / or submitted after the specified deadline and / or for which the application fee has not been paid will not be processed.
  • We will confirm the receipt of your application in writing or via the online application portal. Please do not call us to inquire about your application status.

4. Pre-Selection

Based on the materials submitted, the admissions committee will decide which applicants will receive permission to take the admission test and inform them in writing.

5. Admission Test

Written assignment:

  • assessment of the applicant's knowledge in the field of film and television production, and New Media.


  • discussion of the works submitted and the applicant's specific competences, interests and motivation. This may be supported by presentation of the films / film excerpts submitted.
  • assessment of the applicant's competences in the field of film and television production, and New Media.

Artistic / Creative Assignment:

  • Group work on developing a project in the media field.


The admission test results will be communicated in writing to the applicant no later than 4 weeks after the last test.

Program Office

Do you have questions about the application?

For questions related to the program, please contact the program office to book an academic advising appointment.