Wege in die Selbstständigkeit: Crossing Borders: In & Outbound Strategies

A workshop for all who want to work internationally– with international startup expert Dr. Kuang Dai and startup coach Tolga Tolun.

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Filmuni - Room 6141
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The primary focus of the workshop is to provide individuals with strategies and guidance to expand their creative businesses internationally. The workshop is designed not only for creative businesses in Germany that wish to expand abroad but also for international individuals looking to establish a creative business in Germany.

Participants will learn about the challenges and opportunities that come with internationalizing creative businesses and will be provided with practical advice and tools to navigate the global market.

The workshop will cover topics such as market research, branding, legal considerations, networking, and funding opportunities for inbound international individuals and outbound German creatives. Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to connect with other participating creatives and share experiences, enabling them to learn from each other.

Overall, the "Crossing Borders: In & Outbound Strategies" workshop aims to provide aspiring entrepreneurs in the creative industries with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to successfully operate on a global scale, whether it's founding a creative job in Germany or seeking opportunities abroad as a German creative or inbound international individual.

The primary language for the workshop will be English, with German references provided where necessary.


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This  Gründungsservice event is sponsored by the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Energy with funds from the European Social Fund (ESF+) and the State of Brandenburg.

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