Making Waves

This workshop series offers a scenario for explorative learning in which students artistically test generative music technologies within the framework of an audiovisual music production process, develop their own audiovisual compositions and finally perform the results in a live performance.

Lara's presentation highlights granular synthesis using orchestral samples as an alternative and more explorative way of creating sounds.
The workshop provides a solid understanding of sound synthesis fundamentals. Here, Marco Winter gives a presentation, which largely focuses on the Ableton Wavetable synthesizer.
The project from Andreea, Jonathan, and Enrique. They began with a set of self-recorded piano samples and processed them using Ableton Live and its Simpler instrument by slicing, reversing, and other effects. As the tune progressed, the piano sound was backed rhythmically by drums, bass, and a heartbeat sample. To play back their prepared clips during the performance, they used a Launchpad. The Synthstrom Deluge played the prominent brassy synth tone, which was routed into Ableton Live. Andreea's vocals were the guiding force throughout the song, picked up by two microphones. The first was mixed with generous reverb and delay in Ableton Live, while the second was routed to a second computer. The lyrics, generated by the ChatGPT text generation AI, were about "making waves" and matched the visuals perfectly. The group prepared three layers of visuals using Resolume: abstract and realistic stock footage, and their own wave-like line animations created in Procreate. They would switch and blend between these layers during the performance, using the volume of the second microphone to control additional effects such as scaling or mirroring.

This is an ongoing project and Making Waves workshops are offered each term.