Filmuni Summer School

Artist Training - Scriptwriting I: Where the Story Lands

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05. - 08.04.2021
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When we watch a film, there is a constant moral evaluation going on. We constantly judge if we like the film or not. When a character enters a room you have an immediate judgement with your frontal cortex of your brain, whether this is a good or bad person. This happens parallel to the meta-cognitive process on the highest thinking level. How a film ends has a major effect on the “meaning" of it. As a filmmaker you need to be aware of this – if you put things in a certain way that are acceptable and if you put them in a different way that are shocking. And if you put them in another angle it becomes even more nuanced. But how much of this is cultural? The dynamic you create as a writer eventually leaves your control and lies in the hands of the audience. Is this avoidable? How does this apply in an intercultural and international context? Do you mind „Where your Story Lands“ in the head of your audience?

With Sina Ataeian
Sina Ataeian Dena is a Persian Berlin-based Filmmaker and Artist. He received his Bachelor’s in Film Directing from Sooreh University of Arts in Tehran. His debut film “Paradise" (2015) was nominated for Golden Leopard in the main competition of Locarno Film Festival and won Best Film at Ecumenical Jury and Art Peace Award. “Paradise" was subsequently awarded at various international film festivals. Since 2016 Sina has been a scholar at Goethe-Institut. He has exhibited video arts, interactive video installations and photographs in prestigious contemporary art museums like Villa Merkel in Stuttgart and Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin.

The workshop is held in English and is free of charge.
Date: 05 – 08 April 2021, 5 – 7 pm (8h workshop)


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