Julia Dittmann: Autoethnographic Film and Video Artefacts as a Nexus between Scientific Hyper-Structures and Affectual Reception in Digital Space

Julia Dittmanns scientific-artistic doctoral project combines theory-based methods of media science and artistic research to investigate the nexus between autoethnographic film and video production, their digital evaluation via interactive websites and the power of social media networks.

Project start:
Project completion:
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The aim is to create a web platform that uses scientific hyper-structures as well as the presentation of autoethnographic films and videos. This platform will be a central starting point for democratic networking, a place to publish the research results and the subject of further research processes in the context of citizen science.

The questions will be negotiated from a diversity-sensitive and transdisciplinary research perspective, exemplified by the gentrification process in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, which Julia Dittmann accompanied audiovisually and fragmentarily from her subjective perspective as a tenant - potentially threatened by displacement - in a queer housing project between 2009 and 2019.