Digital Orchestral Alienations

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Digitization and internet platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Reddit or other forums, lead to an exponentially growing democratization of knowledge about the production techniques of electronic music in the last years. The result is a continuously accelerating differentiation of ideas and production methods in which, and this is new, basically everyone can participate. Digitization therefore stands not only for the numbers one and zero but also for enormous changes also in artistic processes. It goes along with a need for adaptation and makes new creative forms of expression possible. Elementary innovation processes are taking place at the margins of conventional knowledge and traditional practice. This is also what Felix Rösch's artistic research project stands for. “Digital Orchestral Alienations” by Felix Rösch systematically explores the compositional possibilities of orchestral sound material being electronically alienated. He thus makes an important contribution to virulent questions in the field of music composition and film music, going along with the digital transformation. In this context these questions can be explored outside any production constraints: What role does the classical score and the orchestral recording play in digital alienations of orchestral sounds? How much room do chance and improvisation have in this process? How can this be used to shape more complex musical developments? Felix Rösch has recorded the results of his research work with several YouTube tutorials and thus made them available to the research community by publishing them on the web.

Project lead: Felix Rösch